17 Responses to “Untitled #19”

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    It is so hard, you need to plan, plan and prepare oh and a little more planning!!

    I got all the clothes out the night before, whilst MAdDad always made sure the bag was stocked with everything we would need. The first thing I did was pop my clothes on. I also get breakfast ready the night before and still do.

    It is hard, but it feels great when a pplan comes together

    • Glowstars says:

      Clearly that’s where we’re going wrong. Neither of us are very good at planning (or to be honest, following through with plans). Hell, between the two of us we can’t even get the boy’s lunch made the night before.

  2. Urbanvox says:

    blimming lucky you are uh?!?!?!?! :)
    .-= Urbanvox said The Mystery Trip Unravelled (lol) =-.

  3. Do you know looking after two children is TWICE as hard! Sounds like you are doing brilliantly – and I also think TheMadHouse has some excellent points – will be borrowing them for myself!
    .-= Tattie Weasle said Being Nice =-.

  4. Milo says:

    Sounds good! ‘A’ sounds like a really good baby (compared with many you hear about who scream and cry all day long; my brother was one of those).

    One of my best friends from uni has just had her second baby and she’s only 1 year after having had her first! Must be sooo hard with 2 of them that age. Plus her husband is away working really long hours most of the time. I keep wanting to call her but put it off as think I’ll call at a bad time.
    .-= Milo said Vertigo =-.

  5. Ellen A says:

    Well done. It does get easier – I was where you are nine months ago now I – almost and mostly – have it under control. I had to do a big learn involving dropping of standards, understanding my limits and working out what really mattered. x
    .-= Ellen A said a dirty protest, being prepared and a bit of a worry =-.

  6. Yes, well done! It does get easier with time and as baby gets older.

    PS I’ve tagged you over on my blog. =)
    .-= If I Could Escape said Dennis the Menace … =-.

  7. Heather says:

    it sounds like you are doing really well! i can’t imagine having to get my two both dressed, fed and out in time for something as early as school starting! We’re lucky if we can be out of the house before 11am!
    .-= Heather said My First Naked Party =-.

  8. Plan B says:

    Oh well done! In the same way as no one realises how hard it is having a new baby, no-one REALLY realises how hard it is having a baby AND an older child. You’re clearly doing amazingly!!!
    .-= Plan B said Spot the difference =-.

  9. Mancais says:

    Sounds like everything is coming together