19 Responses to “The Digit-al Dozen does the terrific twos: cotton”

  1. Kellie says:

    Hmmmmm. Okie dokie lol.

  2. But… what TC do I use for these?
    You know this will be all over the runways for next summer lol!
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  3. mrsrexy says:

    I’m glad you did the obvious….none of the rest of us were this creative!

    What was the wear like? lol…

    My first thought too is I want to put googly eyes on these and make them white Things lol!

  4. I love this. You always create such over the top looks, and they are fab!
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  5. Joanie Li says:

    Astonishingly inconceivable! You gave me a doozie of a laugh today. =)

  6. This has me laughing! So creative. It just doesn’t seem practical to me though – how was the wear? Haha ;)
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  7. Victoria Oen says:

    So fluffy I’m gonna die! Haha
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  8. Anne says:

    Hahaha!!! I have a giant grin on my face. Thanks for the giggles!
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  9. HeeHee! Brilliant and totally you! Love it!
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  10. Jacki says:

    Hahah I almost did the same thing. Clever girl
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  11. Bee says:

    So clever!! This would solve the issue of me getting cat hairs in my mani’s all the time!

  12. Hahahahahaha! Yes! These are epic! We all were thinking of how not to be so obvious, and you just go and do this and it is awesome!
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