6 Responses to “Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Presents 40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Kids’ TV”

  1. TKny says:

    You used **18!!!!** polishes for this mani!
    Were you working from a colored picture and just trying to best match each color of the “original?”
    This mani is very cute but I am amazed you could keep track of so many colors. You are, indeed, very bright and creative!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Glowstars says:

      I always have a notebook by my side when I’m painting. This time I had a Google search of teletubbies to match to.

      • TKny says:

        Since you are so organized, maybe you can straighten me out about types of stampers.
        I know you can’t use acetone on the clear silicone new ones but are supposed to use “tape” which I imagine is what you use to clean hair off coats rather than scotch tape but would that preclude nail polish remover, so you think?

        What about the earlier colored stamp heads?
        And what about the larger ones that came afterwards?

        If you happen to have done a list of which goes with what, I would be appreciative if you wished to share and thank you in advance.

        • Glowstars says:

          I’m not sure I know a lot more but I’ll try:

          I use regular sellotape on my stampers, scotch at a push. Some people use lint rollers but I’ve never been able to get them to work.

          Check your polish remover as lots contain acetone. I would imagine that either way it’s going to leave conditioning residue on the stamper so probably best avoided.

  2. Madhubani says:

    Lovely. You reminded me of my childhood :)