Michaella Dieter

A former American, Michaella now calls Scotland home. When she isn’t checking out men in kilts or chasing the wild haggis through the glens, you can usually find her skulking about the online bookish community.

Michaella has always been fascinated with the darker, more macabre facets of the human psyche, and doesn’t shy away from controversial, taboo, and dark themes in her writing. She can also be found writing sweet and sexy romances under the pen name Kayla McKinney.

A self-proclaimed book nerd, she’s happiest curled up on the sofa with a good book and a margarita or two, while merrily adding more book boyfriends to her already overflowing harem.

Book Cover: Filth by Michaella Dieter

Filth by Michaella Dieter

Imagine the situation: you’re feeling a little frisky and head to one of those well-known story submission sites to find something to read while you scratch that particular itch. Now imagine that the stories you read flow well, don’t take hours to get to the point, and are free of spelling, grammatical and continuity errors. Well, that’s what Filth is. The book is divided into […]

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Book Cover: Shattered Glass by Michaella Dieter

Shattered Glass by Michaella Dieter

After reading the Vengeance series I was super excited to read a fairytale retelling from the mind of Michaella Dieter. Shattered Glass takes the story of Snow White and draws upon other fairytales, myths and legends including cameos from the likes of Beast, Captain Hook, and Robin Hood. This is a multi-POV book with the prologue and epilogue written in the third person, as it

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Book Cover: Retribution by Michaella Dieter

Retribution by Michaella Dieter

It’s taken me days to sit and write this review and I’m still struggling to gather my thoughts. This book absolutely blew me away and I’m not talking about a gust of wind. This was a full-on clash of tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical storms. Dieter started dealing out the shocking twists at the beginning of the book and kept them coming throughout. I never knew

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