Author: Mila Sin

Mila Sin is a coffee addict, a bookworm, and an all-around awkward woman with absolutely zero chill. She lives vicariously through book characters so she doesn’t end up in prison. Her fan club is led by her husband, Mr. Sin, and the ever-charming Toddler Sin. When she’s not imagining murdery and fantastic scenarios for her books, she teaches English as a second language and lives in a quaint town on the Croatian coast.

Book Cover: The Howling Wind by Mila Sin

The Howling Wind by Mila Sin

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a proper fantasy book. I’m not talking about paranormal books set in our world (or some altered version thereof). I’m talking about a different world entirely, where humans are almost an abstract notion and the fae and other creatures reign. It was Mila Sin’s book, The Howling Wind, that drew me to abandon my usual dark and …

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