Awakening by Jax McKay

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Awakening by Jax McKay

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Awakening by Jax McKay
Series: Ares Falls Billionaires #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 90
Published: 10/08/2021
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Fighting is my life. How else would I hold the reigning title of heavyweight champion?

I don't have time for anything else in my life.
Not drama.
Not injuries.
Not relationshipsโ€ฆ

All I ever need is one night to take off the edge.
One night of meaningless...
And that night, the lucky girl was Violet Lancaster.

Now I'm being forced to decide.
Do I want to defend my title again?
Or should I walk away from everything I know?

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Book teaser: Awakening by Jax McKay
Book teaser: Awakening by Jax McKay

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About Jax McKay

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Born and raised in Chicago, Jax was a quiet soul who kept to himself but let his personality fly in his writing. He realizes sometimes it’s easy to write than it is to talk about what youโ€™re going through so he uses his writing to help others relate. When heโ€™s not writing heโ€™s working out embracing a clean eating lifestyle.

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