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Book Cover: Malevolent by Lainey Delaroque

Malevolent by Lainey Delaroque

I enjoyed reading Lainey Delaroque‘s Club Lavender Duet and the subsequent Dark Things series so I was curious to see how her first reverse harem novel would compare. The blurb didn’t give too much away so I was reading with little impression of what the book would be about. Unfortunately, things didn’t become much clearer throughout the book and I was left with several unanswered […]

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Book Cover: Rebel Heart by Elle Thorpe

Rebel Heart by Elle Thorpe

Anybody who’s ever read a Saint View book will know that there’s always more going on than meets the eye. Every time Elle Thorpe pulls out more twists and turns than Bolivia’s Death Road. With Rebel Heart she’s gone one better and pulled off probably the most complex plot I’ve read from her yet. When we left Rebel in Rebel Obsessession Caleb and Hugh had

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Book Cover: The Payback by Mila Sin & Manuela Rouget

The Payback by Mila Sin & Manuela Rouget

Having loved the other two books in The Cleanup series I was looking forward to getting dragged back into Olivia and Ellie’s world for The Payback. Technically you can read this book as a standalone, but it’s richer for reading the other books in the series. It’s much more fun when you understand Ellie’s friendship with Olivia, the things she went through with Nik, and

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Book Cover: Pretty Little Tease by AJ Merlin

Pretty Little Tease by AJ Merlin

While still a serial killer romance Pretty Little Tease is a shift from AJ Merlin’s previous books. Despite the FMC, Blair, naming her cam-watching alter-ego finalistgirl she’s nowhere near as much of a final girl as most of Merlin’s other FMCs. Although there’s killing in the backdrop of the story and the two MMCs are killers it takes a while for this to become apparent

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Book Cover: Brutal by AJ Merlin

Brutal by AJ Merlin

A  campground at night, a lecherous creep, a final girl, and a serial killer. Brutal sounds like the perfect recipe for an AJ Merlin novel. Throughout her summer as a counsellor at Camp Clearwater, Hazel has been too interested in the perfect placement of fairy lights and avoiding Brett, the camp creep, to realise that she has a stalker. That is until Brett lures her

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Book Cover: Giselle by Leelah Renn

Giselle by Leelah Renn

I’m still eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the Vox Tenor story but in the meantime, Leelah Renn is treating us to more of the delectable trio, this time in the form of their backstory. In the first two books, the guys make mention of a woman, Giselle, who was involved with all three of them and wrecked them when she left them. This book tells

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