Paranormal Romance

Book Cover: Lord of Bones by Aiden Pierce and R. K. Pierce

Lord of Bones by Aiden Pierce and R. K. Pierce

Rayven is a grave robber, an interesting career choice to say the least. One night she and her begruding partner enter the Petherick family tomb, intent on uncovering riches that would provide her big break. Instead, she disturbs the resting place of the woman the Lord of Bones is convinced he loves. In revenge, the Lord kills Rayven’s partner and whisks her off to purgatory […]

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Book Cover: Burn For Jack by Aiden Pierce

Burn For Jack by Aiden Pierce

After thoroughly enjoying reading Circus Creeps I was curious to discover some of the other books Aiden Pierce had written. Now that we’re decidedly heading into the autumn, Burn For Jack seemed an appropriate choice. Ada Moore doesn’t fit in Hallow Hill, where her peers refer to her as “Little Moore Whore” thanks to her heritage. She’s saving up and biding her time until she

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Book Cover: Filth by Michaella Dieter

Filth by Michaella Dieter

Imagine the situation: you’re feeling a little frisky and head to one of those well-known story submission sites to find something to read while you scratch that particular itch. Now imagine that the stories you read flow well, don’t take hours to get to the point, and are free of spelling, grammatical and continuity errors. Well, that’s what Filth is. The book is divided into

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Book Cover: Desolation by Frankie Page

Desolation by Frankie Page

Eleven months is a long time to wait to read the next instalment of a series. On picking up this book I wished I’d taken the time to read Retribution again because it wasn’t until I was two chapters in that I finally remembered what was going on. Once things had clicked in my mind it was much easier to follow the story. After the

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Book Cover: Vile Boys by AJ Merlin

Vile Boys by AJ Merlin

AJ Merlin is back, and bringing us all the omegaverse vibes meshed with her signature style. The result is mysterious, and with fabulous characters packed into an addictive read. Mercy has gotten into the prestigious Winter Grove university where she plans to study so she never has to be one of those omegas, the ones that rely on their pack for everything and can’t stand

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Book Cover: Hell Gate by Veronica Eden

Hell Gate by Veronica Eden

Going into reading this book I was expecting a young adult to new adult read that probably wouldn’t be anywhere near as spicy as a good book should be. After all, our heroine was still living in a group home so she wasn’t old enough to be getting up to any naughtiness yet. But, it turns out that Lily only has a few weeks until

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Book Cover: Incubastard by Charity B

Incubastard by Charity B

Incubastard is Charity B’s first foray into paranormal romance and it does not disappoint. The book is packed with an incredible amount of action, emotion and laughs all while overflowing with sexual tension. Incubastard is the story of Loch, an incubus, and Mishka, a human with her own undiscovered secrets. They are forced together when Mishka unintentionally summons him which, let’s be honest, is a

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