A Legacy of Sorrow By Mallory Fox

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A Legacy of Sorrow By Mallory Fox

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A Legacy of Sorrow by Mallory Fox
Series: A Violent Agenda #2
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 253
Published: 30/09/2021
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Lust fuels the worst evil. Love is overrated.
Killing for retribution is everything I’ve ever wanted...

They’re all going to die.

Those who have sinned will know it. Sorrow. I’ll carve it in their bloody hearts if I have to.
I can’t help it. This is who I am.

Their angel of death.

My boys…they think they know me. Think they have me tamed. That they can handle me and then walk away.

They’re wrong. The way they look at me, desire me, dream of me, is a weakness. One I’ll play upon. Even if it means I have to hurt them too. We’re deep in this game, there’s no getting out.

Because in the end, they all lie.
Dark, cruel, and callous.
The real monster is coming.

We just don’t know it yet.

The prequel to A Legacy of Sorrow A History of Violence – was my introduction to bully romance (an oxymoron if ever I heard one). I loved the mystery of it, the secrets that were gradually revealed while still leaving you thirsting for more. I had hoped that A Legacy of Sorrow would be a continuation of this, but unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to the mark.

I want this. I need this. If I can’t kill someone, then I need to be devoured.

A Legacy of Sorrow picks up after the events of A History of Violence and sees V and the guys at a new school and V working her way through the names on her list. She’s still not picked one of the guys, but then it wouldn’t be a reverse harem if V chose between them. I’m hoping that Fox is slowly building up to big group seggsy times because the scene with V, Lorcan and Dino just wasn’t enough for me – I need Jude in there as well!

Teaser: A Legacy of Sorrow by Mallory Fox

It felt like very little progress was made towards taking out members of the child prostitution ring that originally brought V to Sacre-Cœur. Sure, we see a murder or two but much of the focus is on the guys getting their inheritences. Other big storylines include Dante’s possible capture of Quinn, the fallout from V drugging Tyler, and preventing Saskia’s impending nuptials. To be honest, without a clear main storyline the book feels disjointed. It’s only in the last three chapters that the link between the various stories emerges and all the reading becomes fulfilling.

“Dino believes in fucking fairytales.”
“And you don’t?”
“Sweetheart, I grew up a long fucking time ago. The villain always wins. Why do you think I became one?”
“If you’re a villain, then what am I?”
He grins. “You’re our Angel of fucking Death.”
Lorcan and V
Teaser: A Legacy of Sorrow by Mallory Fox

At this point, you may be asking how I can justify a four-star review considering my comments? A Legacy of Sorrow was a good book, despite the plot not moving terribly far. Much of my rating is based on the redeeming factors of the final chapters. Without the rest of the story the reader would not be set up for the final revelations and in place to read the next book in the series. Think of this book as the calm before the storm, we just don’t know how bad it’s going to be yet.

He smells like chemicals. Like ash and gunpowder.
Like fucking death.
Why you should read A Legacy of Sorrow
  • Deliciously crazy female main character
  • Curious mini storylines throughout
  • That cliffhanger ending

About Mallory Fox

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Mallory Fox is a USA Today best-selling author who loves to write deliciously dark romance with heart and stories that have wicked, twisty plots, tainted-love, and all kinds of angsty redemption.

Mallory is addicted to canines, chocolate-covered pretzels, and lives in London with her bean-shaped dog and the rest of her non-furry family.

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