Bloodlust by Alex Denver

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Bloodlust by Alex Denver

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Bloodlust by Alex Denver
Series: Underground Affliction #1
Rating: three-half-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Horror
Published: 19/10/2021
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She’s no hero. She’s no villain. But she is feared. And for good reason.

She’s built up a reputation for killing criminals who deserve it, stand in her way, or threaten everything she’s built.

Blade is no stranger to death. Her once happy life was transformed into something dark and sinister. Inner demons haunt her nightmare's. Blood becomes therapeutic. Killing becomes a way of life.

What happens when the President of a local MC Chapter decides he’s not watching from the sidelines any longer and he’s waited long enough?

It’s time to claim what’s his.

The brother’s best friend is already her confidant, but can she keep him from seeping through the cracks in her armour?

Can Blade handle more than one guy? Or will it take two guys to handle her?

When her entire reason for living in darkness is the same reason she can’t protect her family anymore. What happens when all control is taken away and no way out?

Is begging for death truly her last option?

This book contains strong dark adult content that may be triggering.

Bloodlust – My Review

Bloodlust is one of those books that starts with potential but hasn’t fully grown into it by the end of the novel. That said, I have high hopes for Bloodshed, the second instalment due out at the end of the year.

Let’s be very clear about the fact that I don’t get on my knees for just anyone. That shit has to be earned!

Unlike many MFM/menagé books, Bloodlust presents two separate relationships which cross over at times. I wouldn’t say that Blade, Harley and Axel are a true triad, but they act like one at times. Conflicting interests and claims on each other are written sensitively and maturely. In fact, in some ways, the relationships between the three are too good to be true. But, this is fiction, so I’m just gonna enjoy it for what it is.

Mood Board: Bloodlust by Alex Denver

Bloodlust isn’t wholly a crime gang story, nor is it an MC book either. You might think that trying to blend the two would be confusing but, surprisingly, it works. There’s never a battle for dominance between one and the other; it’s clear that the gang is the MC’s supplier and that’s where the hierarchy stops.

“Why do you call her Lilith?”

“Coz she’s a brutal demon and can be so twisted that only the mother of all demonds could handle being that crazy and still have resemblance of sanity.”
Gemma and Jay

Blade is an interesting main character, a woman with a hero complex who’s risen from the ashes of tragedy. Despite all her strength and the facade she hides behind, there are moments of vulnerability. She’s someone you could probably kick back and chill with and has the best mouth ever. Who else would shout out “You Wankstain!” in the middle of sexy time?

There is plenty of gratuitous steam in Bloodlust, probably because both Harley and Axel need to get their alone time with Blade, as well as sharing her. I’m not sure it was always entirely necessary to the story but I’m certainly not complaining!

She smells like everything wrong that’s right. She smells like jasmine and hell fire. Like home.

For me, my top scene in the book was when Axel went off the rails after he woke and Blade wasn’t there. Usually, we see these possessive alpha types being all strong and unflappable once their missing woman has been returned from the clutches of their enemies. It was refreshing to see a normally strong character giving in to vulnerability in the aftermath of such an event. And the resulting steam was hot as hell.

All in all, Bloodlust is a good start to the Underground Affliction duet and I’m excited to see where Denver takes the second part. Once you’ve read it, you’ll know that the final chapter and its cliffhanger is incredibly powerful but, as River would say… Spoilers.

Why you should read Bloodlust
  • Insane amount of steam
  • Non-stereotypical characters
  • Great blend between crime gang and MC

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