Filth by Michaella Dieter

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Filth by Michaella Dieter

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Filth by Michaella Dieter
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Erotic Fiction, Dark Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Psychological Fiction
Pages: 301
Published: 01/08/2023
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Check your pearls at the door, because this collection of forbidden erotic short stories is the very definition of depraved. These aren’t fluffy romances—they are pure filth. So charge your batteries, have a willing partner on standby, and prepare yourself for the deliciously unwholesome stories within.

* FILTH is a varied collection of dark and taboo erotic short stories which come in a vast array of darkness levels, from sweet/light to dark/horror. Each story comes with a content warning at the start. 18+ only.

Filth - My Review

Book review from, 4 stars. Book cover: Filth by Michaella Dieter

Imagine the situation: you’re feeling a little frisky and head to one of those well-known story submission sites to find something to read while you scratch that particular itch. Now imagine that the stories you read flow well, don’t take hours to get to the point, and are free of spelling, grammatical and continuity errors. Well, that’s what Filth is.

Teaser: Filth by Michaella Dieter

The book is divided into three volumes, each darker and filthier than the previous. Volume 1 covers the kinky and generally taboo, with sex clubs, bucket lists, and some grey that is more situational-based taboo than passing boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. Volume 2 takes a darker and much sexier turn and the filth begins to steam up the windows. Volume 3 is on a very different level. These stories are less erotic fluff and more pure, evil darkness, with a side order of total corruption. There are cameos from characters last seen in the Vengeance series which should go some way to indicating the level of darkness here. The stories in Volume 3 were the best in the book, not because of the darkness and depravity (of which there was a lot) but because the writing came alive. Not only were the stories longer, but they were more descriptive and detailed.

Reading Filth has taught me that I’m not a huge fan of short stories. I didn’t connect with the characters because there was no chance to get to know them, no real pain of theirs to experience. Too many stories left me with unanswered questions and unfulfilled possibilities. This isn’t a criticism of the book, but one towards the concept of short stories. I want detail and depth and you just can’t get that in the space of a few chapters.

About Michaella Dieter

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A former American, Michaella now calls Scotland home. When she isn’t checking out men in kilts or chasing the wild haggis through the glens, you can usually find her skulking about the online bookish community.

Michaella has always been fascinated with the darker, more macabre facets of the human psyche, and doesn’t shy away from controversial, taboo, and dark themes in her writing. She can also be found writing sweet and sexy romances under the pen name Kayla McKinney.

A self-proclaimed book nerd, she’s happiest curled up on the sofa with a good book and a margarita or two, while merrily adding more book boyfriends to her already overflowing harem.

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