Ghost Dick by Kinsley Kincaid

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Ghost Dick by Kinsley Kincaid

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Ghost Dick by Kinsley Kincaid
Series: Port Canyon Chronicles #1
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance
Pages: 250
Published: 13/10/2023
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You Can Never Escape The Town
The Legacy
The Legends
Are Your Responsibility
Welcome to Port Canyon

This is a Very Taboo Dark Romance

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Ghost Dick - My Review

Book review from, 4 stars. Book cover: Ghost Dick by Kinsley Kincaid

When you see a book called Ghost Dick, you absolutely have to read it, no matter what may be contained within its pages. I’ll admit that I had absolutely no clue what to expect from this book, beyond it being a dark, taboo romance. Taboo’s not normally my thing – it doesn’t get me going the way it does some of you smut lovers – but I’ve already proved that I’ll give anything with an interesting-looking cover a go, and this book looked and sounded like some spooky fun.

Teaser: Ghost Dick by Kinsley Kincaid

There’s a large part of me that feels I shouldn’t have liked this book. Merrick is an ass who needs to grow up beyond the 20 years he had behind him when he died (does that mean he should be 38, or will he forever be 20?). He’s an arrogant bully who’s used to hiding in the shadows yet getting his own way. Fallon calls it when she says that he totally disregards other people’s feelings every time he opens his fucking mouth. This pretty much sums up his entire attitude; he just doesn’t care. Fallon, on the other hand, is consumed with self-pity (which only serves to aggravate Merrick more). Sure, she’d been dealt a bum deal but she’s not the only twenty-something in the world who’s been left without parents or a home. Things could be so much worse. At least Grandma Joanie has begrudgingly taken her in while she tries to figure out what she’s going to do with her life. Her attitude is also savagely combative when it comes to her interactions with Merrick. But you know what, it’s these traits that fuel the amazing chemistry between the two. Despite all the toxicity between them, there is an alluringly steamy relationship being built.

Together, we are twisted. We give each other what we need.

Joanie makes me think of Lady Tremaine from the animated version of Disney’s Cinderella, that aloof, well-put-together yet superiorly evil woman. Power corrupts and all that. She played the role perfectly so it was brilliant to see Fallon step into her birthright and take her down, all while her father and uncle stood beside her.

In terms of storyline, Ghost Dick borders on plot-light. Yes, there’s a plot to follow but it doesn’t really take centre stage. It’s the characters that carry this book, and the humour that comes out through their telling of events. So much personality shines through in both the way they process their thoughts and how they speak to others. This is especially true of Merrick, but then what do you expect from the ghost that creates a tyre-track donut dick in the front yard. The book could have taken on a very dark perspective but instead, this is completely avoided thanks to that humour, and what you end up with is a thoroughly enjoyable and readable book that leaves you itching to read the next book in the Port Canyon Chronicles.

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Kinsley Kincaid is a Canadian, Taboo Dark Romance Author; who also dabbles in forbidden from time to time. When she isn’t plotting her next twisted book or watching true crime docs with her cats, you can find her working for the man. Reading. Or drinking wine… vodka… beer… while causing chaos with friends, let’s not limit ourselves now. Make sure you follow Kins on her socials and sign up for her newsletter to see what is coming next!

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