The Girl In The Sequined Dress by Leslie Ayla

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The Girl In The Sequined Dress by Leslie Ayla

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The Girl in the Sequined Dress by Leslie Ayla
Series: The Hunter Chronicles #1
Rating: five-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 75
Published: 13/09/2022
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Hunting ghosts was never so sexy…

So there I am, minding my own business, trying to exorcise a ghost who likes to take her unsuspecting victims for a joyride, when said ghost sets her eyes on me. Now I’m faced with fighting off an unwanted spirit and I have to deal with my four teammates, my four best friends, pushing for more.

Can we make it through to the other side unscathed or will our relationship fall casualty to the girl in the sequined dress?

The first episode in The Hunter Chronicles, The Girl in the Sequined Dress kicks off the short, spicy adventures featuring Val and her team of supernatural hunters. If you like Supernatural, with the cast of Scooby-Doo, you’ll love The Girl in the Sequined Dress.

The Girl In The Sequined Dress - My Review

Book review from, 5 stars. Book cover: The Girl In The Sequined Dress by Leslie Ayla

I love that I can pick up a Leslie Ayla book, settle in for a few hours and know that I’ll come out at the end having read a thoroughly good story. The Girl In The Sequined Dress is no exception to this. There’s no messing around; it’s got a quick prologue and then dives straight into the action. Explanations and backstory are thrown out on the fly and it gives the feel that you’re discovering things at the exact same time as the characters do. I went into the book blind and came out thinking that it had real Supernatural vibes, only to then read the blurb and see that was what the author was aiming for.

Val and her guys are hunters of the things that go bump in the night. Let’s gloss over the fact that they go bump too (in more ways than one). Thing is, the guys aren’t quite hers. She’s got this whole friends with benefits thing going on with each of them, while the four men all want more with her. Then there’s the ghost they were supposed to be dispatching, the one that’s now possessing Val and taking offence to her having multiple men on the go.

The book is a great, fast-paced mystery that’s left me wanting to read more from the gang. One of the great things about reading shorter stories, and something Ayla is particularly good with is there’s no chance for things to veer off track or get boring. You get just enough to keep you hungry and desperately waiting for the next instalment.

About Leslie Ayla

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Leslie Ayla lives in South Africa and loves reading and now writing Reverse Harem romance as well as DDlg and Ageplay romance.

When not reading or writing she can often be found to binge-watch her favourite series’ and sucking down an energy drink or iced coffee.

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