Hunting the Reaper by C.A. Rene and R.E. Bond

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Hunting the Reaper by C.A. Rene and R.E. Bond

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Hunting The Reaper by C. A. Rene, R. E. Bond
Series: Reaped #1
Rating: five-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 212
ISBN: 9781638470328
Published: 7 August 2021
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She fled in the dead of night,
Where will she run?
No stone left unturned,
Who will feel my wrath?
A few steps behind her every move,
How many more will suffer?
Her punishment will be severe,
When will she be aware?
With each swing of her scythe,
Why does it make me writhe?

When Selene left us in pursuit of her sister,
She had no idea what she let loose.
Now I hunt her day and night,
Collecting her secrets in plain sight.
She doesn’t have long until her time runs out,
It’s her fault the four of us have feelings we can’t ignore.
If she finds out we’ve fucked with her plans,
We might just find ourselves dead with her scythe on our foreheads.

The Reaper Incarnate was one of my favourite stories from the Violent Tendencies Anthology so I was super excited to read the story that followed. Some books you can get away with reading the prequel after the first story but with this one, I would definitely jump in at the very beginning – set yourself up right for all the darkness and crazy because it’s one hell of a ride.

In the first part of the story, Selene is separated from her guys, having left them to find her sister. Rene and Bond did a brilliant job of capturing the emotions experienced by each of the characters and writing in a way that the reader can feel them in every word.

In the second part of the story Selene gets her boys back and we readers get the schmexy time we’ve all been waiting for (don’t tell me you haven’t been waiting for a scene with all five of them!). We also see revelations galore and not just for Selene.

Finally, we have a cliffhanger, and oh what a cliffhanger it is! As much as I dislike cliffhangers I’m grateful for this one – it means that the unhinged fun is set to continue and I need to read more from this crazy harem.

About C. A. Rene

C.A. Rene

I like to write about twisty dark things, you know… since my life is lollipops and rainbows. The computer screen is my canvas and the keyboard my brush, thank you for viewing my masterpieces.

About R. E. Bond

R.E. Bond

R.E. Bond is a dark romance author from Tasmania, Australia. She is obsessed with reverse harem books, especially if they have m/m! She collects paperbacks as a hobby, has read or written every day since she started high school, and constantly needs music in her daily life. She loves camping and rodeos in the summer, and not getting out of bed in the winter. Coffee and books are life, and curse words are just sentence enhancers.

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