Incubastard by Charity B

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Incubastard by Charity B

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Incubastard by Charity B
Rating: four-half-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 279
Published: 07/10/2021
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Angels, demons… the afterlife.
I’d always thought they were bullshit.
Until all my misguided beliefs were proven wrong by an infuriating, flippant asshole with horns who has no concept of boundaries.
Summoning him was never the plan, especially since I’m not willing to do what it takes to send him back.
If I’ve learned anything from Loch, it’s that preconceived ideas are usually false, and the truth is much messier than fables.
The theory of good and evil is flawed.
Nothing is that simple.

The only side of human nature I’ve ever encountered is vile and perverse, depraved and cruel.
However, Mishka’s none of those things.
She’s an insufferable, snarky creature who makes me question everything I know about myself.
The longer I’m with her in this world, the less desperate I am to return to mine, which is absurd.
I am son of Asmodeus.
A prince spawned from lust to torment the damned.
The mortal realm is not where I belong.

Incubastard deals with Christian lore that does not align with the Bible. It is completely fictional. If this will make you uncomfortable, please do not read this book.

Content Warning: This novel contains graphic scenes depicting blood and gore along with sexually explicit content and violence. For mature audiences only.

Incubastard - My Review

Incubastard is Charity B’s first foray into paranormal romance and it does not disappoint. The book is packed with an incredible amount of action, emotion and laughs all while overflowing with sexual tension.

This would be an incredible way to go. Death by demon dick.

Incubastard is the story of Loch, an incubus, and Mishka, a human with her own undiscovered secrets. They are forced together when Mishka unintentionally summons him which, let’s be honest, is a lesson in why you should never try manifestation spells with the aid of a creepy old spellbook. Damn! That girl got very lucky!

Teaser: Incubastard by Charity B

In Mishka’s eyes Loch starts out as highly annoying (and that’s being kind!) but to me, his flirty, cheeky, sex-obsessed nature was rather endearing. Considering he’s a demon, I found his character to be surprisingly romantic and it was quite heartwarming to see him transform from orgy-crazed to monogamous with his love for Mishka. Loch also has a remarkable sense of right and wrong, and the ability to deliver the perfect justice for those who have sinned. Loch’s delivery of punishments is not just a plot point or a way to include some more violence in the storyline but serves to fuel the fire and emotional difficulties between the two.

If I choose to believe the massive amount of ridiculous information he just dumped on me, then I have no idea what I’m going to do.
I think I need a priest.

Incubastard is a fun, forbidden, enemies to lovers read, but also one of those that really tugs at your heart. Once Mishka and Loch finally get it together, the book is peppered with heartbreak as they think of their tragic future and the prospect of being ripped apart.

“It’s a lot bigger than I expected.”

Unsurprisingly, being a story about an Incubus, the book is full of steam. We’re talking steam between humans of different flavours, steam between a human and demon, steam between demons. Yep! Incubastard has it all. If that kind of thing offends you then I wouldn’t even bother to read the blurb, but if you’re a little more open-minded then it’s time to get your demon-loving freak on. You’re gonna love this book.

Teaser: Incubastard by Charity B
Why you should read Incubastard
  • Laugh out loud moments from Loch, Mishka and Leena
  • The orgasms!
  • The heartbreaking tragedy
  • Seriously awesome female lead and her kick-ass best mate

About Charity B

Charity B

Charity B. is a dark romance author who enjoys pushing her boundaries and trying new things. Her stories are not written to market or to appeal to the masses, but her readers and fans mean the world to her. She’s always been the black sheep, a misfit whose books and characters reflect that. While she’s incredibly intrigued by the depraved side of human nature, fascinated by the things that don’t fit snug into society, she is also is drawn to all things glittery and cute. The duality of her personality is apparent in her work as her favorite thing is to marry those two extremes together.

She lives in Wichita Kansas, where she was born and raised, with her husband, adorable little monster and two fur babies. At times she misses the scenery of Oregon where she lived with her family for a few years before returning home. Her first book was published in 2018, but she has been putting her made up stories to paper since she was a young girl. The earliest memory she has of discovering her love of storytelling is lying in bed at night rewriting movies in her head the way she thought they should have gone.

In her free time, when she isn’t writing her next book, she is usually playing with her son, binging Netflix, listening to music, coloring, or reading something twisted. Her biggest pet-peeves are being in a rush and mismatched items in set. Though it changes frequently, her current favorite musical artist is YUNGBLUD and her favorite color is pink.

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