The Meetup by Mila Sin and Manuela Rouget

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The Meetup by Mila Sin and Manuela Rouget

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The Meetup by Mila Sin, Manuela Rouget
Series: The Cleanup #0.5
Rating: five-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance
Pages: 78
Published: 27/05/2022
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It is time.

I’ve waited two years, given her time and space, all because she asked.

I thought she would eventually find me.

I was wrong.

She’s living her best thieving life, moving from country to country, from job to job, from secret to secret, never stopping—even for a moment. Is she running from something? Is she afraid her past will catch up to her, and she’ll have to face it?

Does she think she will escape me?

For two years, she did. But I found her.

And today, I’m gonna make her pay.

***Set in the same world as The Cleanup, The Meetup is a dark standalone short story relaying what happened when Zach finally found Olivia, two years after they left boarding school. Although the characters are the same, it is not necessary to have read The Cleanup to enjoy The Meetup, as it is an independent story.

This is a dark adult MF story, reader discretion is advised. For a detailed list of themes, please see the content note in the beginning of the book.

The Meetup - My Review

Book review from, 5 stars. Book cover: The Meetup by Mila Sin and Manuela Rouget

I absolutely loved The Cleanup, so it was only natural that I’d want to get my hands (or should that be eyes?) on another book about the same characters. The Meetup features Olivia, of course, and Zach, the group’s resident psycho. It’s set shortly after the gang has left school and, aside from a small bit part for Max, none of the other characters appears in the book.

Teaser: The Meetup by Mila Sin and Manuela Rouget

I’ll be honest, at seven chapters the book was too short for my liking. I wanted more Zach, more Olivia, and more of that debauched steaminess that I’m convinced Sin and Rouget are withholding from me. The story is pure smut and I revelled in every word of it. But, aside from that, it was smart, witty and everything I’d expect from a Mila and Manu collaboration. Now they’ve got me desperately awaiting book 2 in the series, The Payback. It can’t be written soon enough.

About Manuela Rouget

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Manuela Rouget is a globe trotter and a polyglot who uses her experiences around the globe to build stories in her head.

She studied mechanical engineering and product design but has always been a bookworm and dreamt of writing her own stories.

In 2020, she fell in love with the reverse harem sub-genre and self-published her debut book in 2021, hopefully the first of many.

About Mila Sin

Mila Sin

Mila Sin is a coffee addict, a bookworm, and an all-around awkward woman with absolutely zero chill. She lives vicariously through book characters so she doesn’t end up in prison. Her fan club is led by her husband, Mr. Sin, and the ever-charming Toddler Sin. When she’s not imagining murdery and fantastic scenarios for her books, she teaches English as a second language and lives in a quaint town on the Croatian coast.

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