Stellar by Manuela Rouget

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Stellar by Manuela Rouget

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Stellar by Manuela Rouget
Series: Flying High Duet #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance
Pages: 385
ASIN: B0975345DF
Published: 14/02/2022
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I always thought graduating would be the solution to all my problems. It turns out I was wrong. The professional world is way more cutthroat and ruthless than I imagined, and I have to fight tooth and nail to make a name for myself.

During our trip to France, my mom decides to drop bombs on me at my graduation party. Back in Montréal, my boss announces Cirque Edouard’s new direction and makes changes to take the company into the twenty-first century. The problem? Change isn't always good.

In the middle of it all, the relationship with my guys will be my safe haven. Let's just hope the brewing storm doesn't reduce it to rubble.

Will I be strong enough to withstand the pressure and become a star? Or will my ambition be my downfall?

Set two years after the events of Aerial, Stellar is the second and final book of the Flying High duet. It is a steamy, fast-burn Reverse Harem Romance Novel intended for audiences 18+ only. The story is focused on the female main character but a polyamorous relationship builds in the first book and is fully developed in the second one. By the beginning of book two, all her men have relationships with each other.

Book review from, 5 stars. Book cover: A review of Stellar by Manuela Rouget, the second book in the Flying High Duet

Stellar – My Review

Having loved Aerial so much, it was only natural that I dove straight into the second half of the duet before touching another book. It would’ve been rude not to. It was everything I hoped it would be: smart, sexy, and entertaining.

If you thought Aerial was hot, Stellar is an inferno. While watching Fauve, Loup, Cody and Thibault get to know each other was incredibly sexy, there’s something even steamier about their antics now that the characters have settled together and solidified their relationship, and are secure in their needs and wants. Every raunchy scene is executed to perfection, with every character playing their part and nobody being left out. Manuela Rouget is a master at building the atmosphere and leaving you squirming in your seat.

Teaser: Stellar by Manuela Rouget

The realism that I loved so much in the first book is still very much present in the second. Sex is a messy business and Rouget captures this reality with the characters having the necessary supplies prepared. Condoms and surgical gloves might not be sexy, but I can guarantee that there are no UTIs or other nasty infections in Fauve’s future. The quad has lube stashed around their apartment and worries about clearing out the spare bedroom so Fauve’s dad doesn’t find all their sex toys. 😬

The desire I felt for my three boyfriends was all-consuming, and even the discomfort I felt burnt in its flames.

Like Aerial before it, Stellar does not shy away from real-life issues. It carefully demonstrates the difficulties the quad face when they feel they have to hide the extent of their relationship, and how this impacts them. This is balanced by showing them in an accepting environment where the quad can be relaxed and out in the open. The stark contrast between the two situations is made even stronger when you compare Loup’s inclusive moms to Cody’s homophobic dad.

The book continues to build upon the theme of communication within relationships, and how important it is to observe and discuss, especially when there are more than two people involved. Cody sums it up brilliantly when he explained that (at a point between the two books) he unconsciously expected the others to know when he wasn’t okay but that he realised it wasn’t a fair expectation to have. In contrast, by the time the story takes place, the quad has reached a point where they know how best to care for each other when they face particular, recurring issues.

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While a role in a world-class circus or harem of men isn’t a likely feature in most of our futures, Fauve’s work situation is. It’s scary to think how the misogyny and harassment she faces in the workplace could easily happen to any of us. Rouget approaches the issue carefully, and although the events are a catalyst for much of the circus aspect of the story, she focuses on the emotions Fauve (and to a lesser extent, the guys) experiences as a result of André’s actions.

The alpha men are out in force in the story, which is a very pleasant surprise seeing as Cody, Loup and Thibault seem like the nicest guys ever. Seriously, not a nasty bone in any of their bodies. Reading how each of them defends their woman is incredibly hot (and in the case of Loup and Thibault, slightly amusing as well).

Teaser: Stellar by Manuela Rouget

Amongst all the serious talk, the book isn’t without its laughs. Small moments are peppered throughout, but there’s also the extravaganza of Loup and Thibault’s very glittery, gay performance to Bohemian Rhapsody. You’re gonna love that moment.

Stellar was an easy book to rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. It’s a beautiful and progressive love story that not only lived up to its predecessor but also surpassed it. I’m only sorry to say goodbye to the characters because I would’ve loved to have seen more from them.

About Manuela Rouget

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Manuela Rouget is a globe trotter and a polyglot who uses her experiences around the globe to build stories in her head.

She studied mechanical engineering and product design but has always been a bookworm and dreamt of writing her own stories.

In 2020, she fell in love with the reverse harem sub-genre and self-published her debut book in 2021, hopefully the first of many.

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