Tethered In Torment by Sullyn Shaw

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Tethered In Torment by Sullyn Shaw

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Tethered In Torment by Sullyn Shaw
Series: Nymphs Of Incyssia #1
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 204
Published: 19/01/2023
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People often fantasize about being swept up into a magical world where they were thrown into mythical wars and epic love triangles. My sister and I used to be just like them, until it happened.

The wondrous start our family presented was a façade, intending to hide their ulterior motives and the darkness that lurked around every corner, stalking us like prized hogs. We enjoyed bacon as much as the next gals, but we never intended to be sows for a royal family, despite us being Oedinia’s long-lost water nymph princesses.

Despite our protests, our birth family forced us to be pawns in their twisted games, and we watched as our lives and sanity crumbled before our eyes. It wasn’t just our lucidity at stake, though. Our mates and best friend’s were bound to crash down at any moment. They had stayed so strong while we fell apart, but we saw the cracks that the combined trauma brought on.

There was still some fight in us, and we knew one day this would all be worth it, but we questioned how much more we could take and if we would live to see ‘one day.’

This is a why-choose, dark romance with FF and MM that follows twin sisters, Cora and Lena. All CWs can be found at sullynshaw.com

Tethered In Torment - My Review

Book review from Glowstars.net, 4 stars. Book cover: Tethered In Torment by Sullyn Shaw

Reading the blurb did not prepare me for the weirdness in this book. Tethered In Torment starts out with three main characters: twins, Cora and Lena, and their best friend Remy. One minute they’re all happy and the next they’ve been whisked away to another land where Cora and Lena are the long-lost princesses of the realm. That’s not the weirdness, though. That happens when the twins are tricked into merging into a single form. Enter Coralena. She’s no longer either of them but has their memories and sort of a combined personality. There is the possibility that in the future she will be able to separate back into the two twins, but that won’t happen in this book.

While some books are overtly dark, this one is more sinister. Remove a key event and the fallout from it, and the book would be deceptively light until the end. The darkness is hidden behind a facade of good food and apparent freedom within a realm that bears resemblance to our own.

I wanted more depth to the story. Things progressed at a good pace but it felt as though, in maintaining this, a lot of emotion and torment was glossed over. The book raised some interesting points about how people process and heal from trauma when Remy expects Coralena to react a certain way towards Andrin following his raping her. They’ve been thrust into a complex situation and Coralena sees the nuances of this in a way that Remy doesn’t. She realises that there are layers and variables at play that, while they don’t excuse or mitigate his actions, do go some way to explaining them. It was unfortunate that there wasn’t more of an opportunity to explore these themes, but at the end of the chapter, the story jumped months ahead.

And then we come to the cliffhanger. In the final chapters of the book, another layer to Incyssia is revealed and a darker history is alluded to. A new character is introduced and I have the sense that something big is coming. Luckily I can jump right into the next book in the series because I’d have been mighty frustrated if I’d had to wait for it to be written.

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