Twisted Little Truths by Elle Thorpe

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Twisted Little Truths by Elle Thorpe

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Twisted Little Truths by Elle Thorpe
Series: Saint View High #3
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance
Pages: 319
ASIN: B08B3MT817
Published: 26/10/2020
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They dragged the boy I loved from my arms and accused him of a murder I know he didn't commit. Now all I want is revenge.

But with secrets from my past dredged up at every turn, I have no idea who to trust.

We’ve lived through the lies. It’s time for the truth to be revealed. No matter the cost.

They say the truth will set you free. But in Saint View, it might just kill you first.

The explosive conclusion to the Saint View High trilogy. Twisted Little Truths is the story of three bad boys and a girl who knows how to stand her ground. It is a mature high school/new adult, why choose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book contains enemies-to-lovers and bullying themes and there may be triggers for some readers. It is the third and final book in an ongoing trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone.

Twisted Little Truths - My Review

Book review from, 4 stars. Book cover: Twisted Little Truths by Elle Thorpe

It’s all kicking off in Saint View and, you guessed it, Lacey is at the centre of the chaos. Those new characters that appeared at the end of Dangerous Little Secrets are there to cause some serious trouble and reveal some shocking truths (as if we haven’t had enough of those already).

Teaser: Twisted Little Truths by Elle Thorpe

After the first two books in the trilogy showed women being beaten down by men and boys (sometimes repeatedly) it was a relief to see those same women strengthening and taking back control of their lives and rebuilding relationships. It was in this book that Lacey finally became the character I’d wanted her to be all along; strong, gracious and forgiving yet capable of taking her revenge when it matters. If I tell you more I’ll end up dropping spoilers and nobody wants that.

If you thought the first two books were packed with action then you’ll be knocked down by the content packed into this one. There are so many little details and threads that intertwine the characters that I have no idea how Elle Thorpe managed to keep everything straight while she was writing the story. You won’t anticipate some of the connections and twists that make up the story and the characters will constantly surprise you.

Teaser: Twisted Little Truths by Elle Thorpe

I’ve been brief because if I talk anymore then I really will give the ending away. But, suffiice it to say this was a fabulous conclusion to a brilliant trilogy. If you’re not quite ready to leave Saint View and these characters behind then I’d definitely recommend starting on Thorpe’s next trilogy, Saint View Prison.

About Elle Thorpe

Elle Thorpe

Elle Thorpe lives on the sunny east coast of Australia, about an hour out of Sydney. When she’s not writing stories full of kissing and chemistry, she’s a wife, and Mummy to three tiny humans. She’s also official ball thrower to one slobbery dog named Rollo. Yes, she named a female dog after a male character on Vikings. Don’t judge her. Elle is a complete and utter fangirl at heart, obsessing over The Walking Dead and Outlander to an unhealthy degree. But she wouldn’t change a thing.

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