Series: Behind Closed Doors

Book Cover: We Keep Secrets by AJ Merlin

We Keep Secrets by AJ Merlin

When I read We Tell Lies I said that the book was an epic tease. AJ Merlin continues that theme in the first chapter of We Keep Secrets when Kayn appears in Parker’s bathroom. You think Parker’s about to get some, then Kayn backs off. He moves forward and then retreats again. The tension got so high that I was practically ready to re-write the

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Book Cover: We Tell Lies by AJ Merlin

We Tell Lies by AJ Merlin

I really enjoyed AJ Merlin’s Playing With Knives and I had high hopes for We Tell Lies. Unfortunately, while this book was a good read, it didn’t quite live up to the awesomeness of its predecessor. I think there’s a very good reason for that. We Tell Lies is the story of Parker and her return to the small town where she grew up. The

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