Pleasure And Prey

Book Cover: Delicious by AJ Merlin

Delicious by AJ Merlin

Another Pleasure and Prey book? Of course, I’m reading it. AJ Merlin is one of my comfort authors and although the books in this series follow a particular form, they never feel predictable. Delicious was exactly the read I thought it would be, and that was everything I needed. The way in which Saylor tells her story is a little different to the other Pleasure […]

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Book Cover: Vicious by AJ Merlin

Vicious by AJ Merlin

I’ll admit that I found the first chapter of Vicious confusing. I had to go back and re-read it before chapter 2 to make sure I was reading what I thought I read. And yes, I had. Quinn, our heroine, started the story in the midst of multiple murders. Something’s gone on with her therapist and she needs to run. Fast forward five years and

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Book Cover: Brutal by AJ Merlin

Brutal by AJ Merlin

A  campground at night, a lecherous creep, a final girl, and a serial killer. Brutal sounds like the perfect recipe for an AJ Merlin novel. Throughout her summer as a counsellor at Camp Clearwater, Hazel has been too interested in the perfect placement of fairy lights and avoiding Brett, the camp creep, to realise that she has a stalker. That is until Brett lures her

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Book Cover: Depraved by AJ Merlin

Depraved by AJ Merlin

I’ll admit that this book didn’t captivate me in the first few chapters. It’s a slow build with lots of scene setting, and I just wanted to jump straight into AJ Merlin‘s brand of action. You know, the sexy, dirty and downright lascivious action. It’s definitely worth persevering with this read because in chapter 6 the story explodes in the most delectable way. Depraved is

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