Pleasure And Prey

Book Cover: Vicious by AJ Merlin

Vicious by AJ Merlin

I’ll admit that I found the first chapter of Vicious confusing. I had to go back and re-read it before chapter 2 to make sure I was reading what I thought I read. And yes, I had. Quinn, our heroine, started the story in the midst of multiple murders. Something’s gone on with her therapist and she needs to run. Fast forward five years and …

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Book Cover: Brutal by AJ Merlin

Brutal by AJ Merlin

A  campground at night, a lecherous creep, a final girl, and a serial killer. Brutal sounds like the perfect recipe for an AJ Merlin novel. Throughout her summer as a counsellor at Camp Clearwater, Hazel has been too interested in the perfect placement of fairy lights and avoiding Brett, the camp creep, to realise that she has a stalker. That is until Brett lures her …

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Book Cover: Depraved by AJ Merlin

Depraved by AJ Merlin

I’ll admit that this book didn’t captivate me in the first few chapters. It’s a slow build with lots of scene setting, and I just wanted to jump straight into AJ Merlin‘s brand of action. You know, the sexy, dirty and downright lascivious action. It’s definitely worth persevering with this read because in chapter 6 the story explodes in the most delectable way. Depraved is …

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