Book Cover: Vengeance Mine by Michaella Dieter

Vengeance Mine by Michaella Dieter

I remember reading Upon Blooded Lips back when it was Michaella Dieter’s only novel and it was offered as a BookFunnel freebie. I was initially apprehensive that a freebie debut could be worth a read but I was quickly blown away by Dieter’s darkness and bloodlust. I didn’t think she could improve much when it came to Retribution, but once again I was surprised and […]

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Book Cover: Retribution by Michaella Dieter

Retribution by Michaella Dieter

It’s taken me days to sit and write this review and I’m still struggling to gather my thoughts. This book absolutely blew me away and I’m not talking about a gust of wind. This was a full-on clash of tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical storms. Dieter started dealing out the shocking twists at the beginning of the book and kept them coming throughout. I never knew

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