The Twins by Arabella Black

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The Twins by Arabella Black

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The Twins by Arabella Black
Series: San Ricardo #3
Rating: five-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance
Pages: 305
Published: 07/10/2021
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Three corrupt men stole her broken heart.
Grey came back to us.
The hungry whispers in my ear never gave up on her.
Now, we’re at the start of something new,
a life full of joy, sex and decadence in the city of angels.
But we’ve lost control.
Our life has become a bitter walk down a memory lane full of lies.
Once upon a time, my brother and I were inseparable. Under Charles, my former boss, we played cops and robbers in our small town.
Smouldering secrets invade our new home, coming out to tear us apart.
Back in San Ricardo, I wanted Grey to myself. Now, I understand that she needs us. I won’t allow the freaks of Los Angeles to touch a hair on her head.
She’s mine… Ours.
Three ruthless bastards that’ll stop at nothing to keep their family safe.

This is a reverse harem story. There's MF with an older man & MFM with twin brothers. Triggers galore. This ends in a HEA.

Oh. My. Wow! If, like me, you thought The Chief was an emotional rollercoaster, you need to prepare yourself for The Twins. This was Arabella Black’s most heartbreaking book yet, and that woman knows how to write tragedy.

Teaser: The Twins by Arabella Black
Who is the assassin? (Don’t worry, no Spoilers)

When I first started reading the Chief, I was sure the Assassin was Remo. As the story moved on, I decided that it may have been Vegas after all. By the end of the book, I was back with Remo again. Then I re-read the blurb for Grey and was convinced that I’d gotten it all wrong and that the Assassin was Vegas.

The Twins definitely threw all that up in the air again. Remo’s prologue had me convinced that he was the Assassin. Vegas’ first chapter had my theories switch again. I was so indecisive that I seriously didn’t know whether I was coming or going. Thank God! Black put me out of my misery early in the book because I was getting whiplash.

Fuck the world. Heroes save the world. I’m not a hero. I want this woman and I’ll have it burn down to get her…
Guess who’s back?

You don’t need to read the Wraith Royals series before you start San Ricardo. In fact you don’t even need to read it before reading Grey (although it helps to have the background). I’m gonna stop you here and send you off, at the very least, to read Wanted, because Kamila Ruby Wraith is back and she thinks she knows who Vegas is. Be prepared for sparks of the dangerous and deadly type to start flying. We also get to see Remo and Fylox in a mini showdown, a trip to Katantia, and Vegas and Fylox facing off. All the drama happens in this book and you’re gonna want to understand what’s happening to appreciate it properly.

Teaser: The Twins by Arabella Black

As the name suggests, The Twins focuses on Remo and Vegas, looking at their history, how they ended up living in that house by the Chief, and what their mysterious past jobs were. The background the books gives explains why their relationship is so strained at times. When it comes down to it, Vegas’ life matches up to his playboy exterior. Not to be dismissive of his experiences, but he’s had a much easier life than Remo.

“Where the fuck is my brother? What did you do to him?! Charles, he killed your mom, but I’ll cut-“

Remo’s story is the true tragedy, and, as he struggles with past events on a daily basis, possibly even more difficult to take in than Grey’s past was. Yeah, I know I’m being as vague as hell, but it’s difficult to say what I want without dropping major spoilers. Remo has experienced multiple blows throughout his life and the pain of them accumulates to the current day setting of the book, being a major catalyst for his depression.

It’s beautiful to see the way the family come together over the course of the story to support Remo and help him find his way. Each of the characters have a part to play and I can’t see any way in which a single person could fulfil the role of another in their family. For me, the family aspect and sense of belonging actually trumps the steamy scenes (and they’re pretty damned hot!).

Teaser: The Twins by Arabella Black

In The Twins we see the characters’ real growth into a family unit. We share Grey’s continued recovery from the trauma of her faux marriage, Vegas’ guilt over sending Grey away prior to the chaos with Alexis Nina Blanco and Charles truly stepping into the role of family daddy. The book is filled with love and emotion. I don’t cry (seriously, I can’t even remember the last time) but this book very nearly had me. It doesn’t get more powerful than that!

“You’re an innocent boy.”
“I am. What is there to do?” I heave. The doubts sink in. They torment me. I had an epiphany earlier today. I’m a miracle baby. I won’t let doubts affect me.
Easier said than done.
“I take your innocence,” Mr David says. My eyes widen and my heart flutters in excitement! It’s never felt this light and careless. He can take anything he wants. My innocence, heart, and soul.
And my cock while he’s at it.
My inner ho is waiting to be unleashed.
Mr David and Remo

I really hope this isn’t the end for Grey, The Chief and the Twins. I can sense that there is so much more to come for them, their growth and their adventures.

Why you should read The Twins
  • It will make you laugh
  • It will make you cry
  • Brilliant storyline full of action and growth
  • Sensitive to incredibly difficult situations

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