Book Cover: Incubastard by Charity B

Incubastard by Charity B

Incubastard is Charity B’s first foray into paranormal romance and it does not disappoint. The book is packed with an incredible amount of action, emotion and laughs all while overflowing with sexual tension. Incubastard is the story of Loch, an incubus, and Mishka, a human with her own undiscovered secrets. They are forced together when Mishka unintentionally summons him which, let’s be honest, is a

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Book Cover: A Legacy of Sorrow by Mallory Fox

A Legacy of Sorrow By Mallory Fox

The prequel to A Legacy of Sorrow – A History of Violence – was my introduction to bully romance (an oxymoron if ever I heard one). I loved the mystery of it, the secrets that were gradually revealed while still leaving you thirsting for more. I had hoped that A Legacy of Sorrow would be a continuation of this, but unfortunately, it didn’t quite live

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