Book Cover: Brutal by AJ Merlin

Brutal by AJ Merlin

A  campground at night, a lecherous creep, a final girl, and a serial killer. Brutal sounds like the perfect recipe for an AJ Merlin novel. Throughout her summer as a counsellor at Camp Clearwater, Hazel has been too interested in the perfect placement of fairy lights and avoiding Brett, the camp creep, to realise that she has a stalker. That is until Brett lures her …

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Book Cover: Wicked Girl by AJ Merlin

Wicked Girl by AJ Merlin

It’s the start of the new semester and Mercy is back in Winter Grove, facing the same dilemmas she left behind over winter break, primarily where does she stand with Dorian and his pack? The answer to that seemed pretty clear to me, even from the first can but it took Mercy weeks and some very explicit statements to figure it out although that’s understandable …

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Book Cover: Giselle by Leelah Renn

Giselle by Leelah Renn

I’m still eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the Vox Tenor story but in the meantime, Leelah Renn is treating us to more of the delectable trio, this time in the form of their backstory. In the first two books, the guys make mention of a woman, Giselle, who was involved with all three of them and wrecked them when she left them. This book tells …

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Book Cover: Desolation by Frankie Page

Desolation by Frankie Page

Eleven months is a long time to wait to read the next instalment of a series. On picking up this book I wished I’d taken the time to read Retribution again because it wasn’t until I was two chapters in that I finally remembered what was going on. Once things had clicked in my mind it was much easier to follow the story. After the …

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Book Cover: Vile Boys by AJ Merlin

Vile Boys by AJ Merlin

AJ Merlin is back, and bringing us all the omegaverse vibes meshed with her signature style. The result is mysterious, and with fabulous characters packed into an addictive read. Mercy has gotten into the prestigious Winter Grove university where she plans to study so she never has to be one of those omegas, the ones that rely on their pack for everything and can’t stand …

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Book Cover: Marked For Execution by YD La Mar

Marked For Execution by YD La Mar

I’m not usually one to read post-apocalyptic dystopian fantasy but I’d read a YD La Mar book even if it were clean romance, so I found myself picking up this one with a healthy dose of curiosity . I was not disappointed. The world has become overrun with vampires, divided into five territories, only one comprising human resistance. Fitri is a hybrid with very little …

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Book Cover: The Girl In The Sequined Dress by Leslie Ayla

The Girl In The Sequined Dress by Leslie Ayla

I love that I can pick up a Leslie Ayla book, settle in for a few hours and know that I’ll come out at the end having read a thoroughly good story. The Girl In The Sequined Dress is no exception to this. There’s no messing around; it’s got a quick prologue and then dives straight into the action. Explanations and backstory are thrown out …

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