Ella Burns

Ella Burns is the offspring of a fairy queen and an undead warlord and was brought up with an appetite for terror and beauty.

A Canadian author, she would like nothing more than to abscond to the remote wilderness of British Columbia with her daughter and a Kindle full of dark reads. Since she was a child she dreamed of being an author and now writes a variety of darkness across several genres. Despite her love of the macabre, she will always have a soft spot for fuzzy things and a cuppa tea.

Book Cover: Sins of the Family by Ella Burns

Sins of the Family by Ella Burns

Normally, if a book has a prequel available, I prefer to read it prior to getting stuck in. Sins of the Family is an exception to this rule. After reading Sins of Our Fathers I had so many questions about Ginger and Sin’s pasts that I hoped would be answered in the prequel. The whole question here is: am I a monster or a victim […]

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