Sins of Our Fathers by Ella Burns

Sins of Our Fathers by Ella Burns

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Sins of Our Fathers by Ella Burns
Series: Family Sins #1
Rating: four-half-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance
Pages: 240
Published: 24/09/2021
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Never has it been so easy to buy a human being. The more innocent, the higher the price tag.

Ginger Vincent took the underground world of human trafficking by storm with her technology-based black market. As a woman, she’s got her work cut out for her when the vultures begin to circle, closing in on all she’s built.

When someone more beast than man is taken on a routine acquisition run—who has no name other than Sin—Ginger’s curiosity gets the better of her. She decides to keep him close to learn his secrets. Little does she know, Sin is there for a reason, and that reason is to take her down.

With equally bleak histories and jaded world views, they both begin to question everything they believe in the face of one another.

When two dark souls collide, will the world burn, or will they?

Sins of our Fathers is a DARK romance with themes not suitable for those under 18 or those with triggers. Please check the trigger warnings before proceeding, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m going to start by saying that I had very little idea what I’d be reading when I picked up Sins of Our Fathers. In the book’s blurb, Ella Burns mentions that readers should check the triggers before proceeding. Well, I didn’t. Let’s be honest, trigger warnings are more like enticements to this dark reader, but they do at least let you know what you’ll be reading about. But, you know what, it was a good surprise.

Teaser: Sins of Our Fathers by Ella Burns

This book is dark. We’re not talking so pitch black that it would make certain dark authors squeal, but dark enough that it couldn’t be considered grey in any form. Aside from the taboo aspects (I can never quite decide whether, in general, they’re dark or not), you know the lights are going out when Sin asks Ginger if she wants “to see something fucking cool?” and proceeds to flay her prisoner as an appetiser.

Somehow, in the darkness of the night, the forbidden touch is so much sweeter. It’s easier to forget the world around me, to let go and give in to the temptations offered by such masculine flesh. In the daytime, it would be too hard to give in to these desires. But here, now? I know that sinning couldn’t feel better.

When it comes to our protagonists, Ginger and Sin, It’s a toss-up over which is more dark and damaged. One experienced a brutal childhood before being acquired by traffickers; the other supposedly doesn’t remember his childhood, only retaining memories formed since a vicious accident. Apparently. Trauma and darkness lead both protagonists to hide behind high walls and secrets, never prepared to open up to each other. Ginger is intrigued by Sin and the mystery behind who he is. Sin has deep-seated hate of Ginger, her having wronged him in the past.

Of course, they’re going to clash and inevitably explode in a cloud of steamy sex. Isn’t that what we’re here for? Better still, that angry, lustful aura hangs over the book until we pass the 90% complete mark. Sins of Our Fathers isn’t one of those books where they have a quick fumble and years of animosity is forgotten. No, this book is a constant barrage of lust vs hate.

I want to push her. Want her to try to break me.

I really enjoyed unravelling the mysteries in Sins of Our Father. Who is Sin? Where has he come from, who is he working for and why? What is the mysterious order 622? Who is the bad guy in all of this? What is Krystof up to? Is Hannah anything more than a bitter crush? Yes, the answers are revealed but only at the author’s pace and especially to provide another little gut punch to one of the characters.

A good torturess knows that pain has many forms.
As I leave, the first line starts, playing loud enough to drown out Sin’s screams. I let out a light laugh, flipping him the bird even though he can’t see it.
“Baby shark, do do, do do do do—”

In Ginger, Burns does a brilliant job of portraying a woman making her way through a man’s world. As she repeats the mantra “you are a bad bitch, and you can do this,” it’s plain to see that Ginger suffers from self-doubt, no matter how tough an image she presents to others. Despite the front, you can still see the scared little girl that she battles with and hides.

Teaser: Sins of Our Fathers by Ella Burns
Why you should read Sins of Our Fathers
  • Kickass female main character
  • Fast-paced
  • Non-stop action

Sins of the Family – The Prequel

I should probably admit that I fully intended to read Sins of the Family in time to include it in this review. Unfortunately, life got in the way and left me with much less time than I’d anticipated. It’s on my list of more immediate things to enjoy, along with another six books to read and review in the next two weeks, getting the site design fixed up, figuring out how to get over 100 succulents through the winter and a rather large volunteering project. Nothing like a little overachieving. Please! Send coffee!

November 2021 update: I’ve finally read it. You can check out my review of Sins of the Family here.

Sins of Our Fathers by Ella Burns

Book Info

Sins of the Family by Ella Burns
Series: Family Sins #0.5
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Horror
Pages: 40
Published: 21/09/2021
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The first daughter instead of the seventh son.
Worse, the curse of red hair, proof of my mother’s infidelity.
My brothers will try to protect me, but I know that we can never go against Father’s will.
One day, he’ll pay for what he’s put us through.
A devil with blue eyes.
Then again, we are all sinners in my family.
Maybe we deserve it.

Sins of the Family is a DARK story and is a prequel to the dark romance novel, Sins of our Fathers.
While the main novel is a romance story, I guarantee no happily ever after within these pages and caution readers to read the triggers and continue at their own risk.

About Ella Burns

Ella Burns

Ella Burns is the offspring of a fairy queen and an undead warlord and was brought up with an appetite for terror and beauty.

A Canadian author, she would like nothing more than to abscond to the remote wilderness of British Columbia with her daughter and a Kindle full of dark reads. Since she was a child she dreamed of being an author and now writes a variety of darkness across several genres. Despite her love of the macabre, she will always have a soft spot for fuzzy things and a cuppa tea.

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