Their Precious Princess by Leslie Ayla

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Their Precious Princess by Leslie Ayla

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Their Precious Princess by Leslie Ayla
Rating: four-half-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 175
Published: 25/03/2022
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I've been trampled on, run over and beat down my entire life.

First my parents.

Then my ex.

Lastly, but definitely not least, they ripped my heart out and left me behind to pick up the pieces.

Now they are back.

Should I show them the door or let them back in to help keep me safe from the mysterious danger hanging over my head?

Their Precious Princess is a bisexual Reverse Harem that contains instances of ageplay and DDlg elements
Contains the following possible triggers: Past sexual, emotional and physical abuse, kidnapping

Their Precious Princess - My Review

Book review from, 4.5 stars. Book cover: Their Precious Princess by Leslie Ayla

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to kink and there is plenty I don’t claim to understand. Ageplay is one of those things. Logistically I understand where it’s coming from, but on an emotional level, I can’t get my head around it. That’s okay, I wouldn’t expect anybody else to necessarily relate to my own emotional levels either. What this has meant is that I’d never once picked up an ageplay or DD/lg book before. But, I had plenty of advance readers telling me I needed to check out Leslie Ayla’s first book, so I caved. If anything it might help me better understand the kink.

What is it with all the manhandling?

Their Precious Princess is the story of Clara and her daddies. Prior to the start of the book, the five of them had plans to run away and be together, but a vile man and a series of misunderstandings got in the way of their dreams. The story begins six years later, as the four men return to Clara’s hometown with the intention of claiming her as their own. Life isn’t quite that simple though; Clara has trauma to recover from and that vile ex-husband is back on the scene and causing trouble. The question is, can they get past all of that and find their happily ever after?

The book completely sucked me in and I finished it in an afternoon. At 175 pages it’s a quick and easy read, but considering the subject matter, I don’t think I’d want Clara’s point of view to be much more complex. I would, however, have loved it to be more descriptive and detailed when written from the mens’ perspectives.

You know how your mama warns you to not go looking for trouble because it’s sure to find you? I should have listened to my mama more.

The story moves fast, with actions already having been decided by some characters (ahem, the men) before issues affecting them arise. Whether it’s claiming Clara as their little or dealing with her ex, plans are already in place and decisions are made without her being aware of them. It’s no wonder Clara feels that they think she’s incapable of handling things and reacts by wanting to prove her worth to the. And you know that’s going to cause trouble of the spanking kind.

Being a little doesn’t mean that Clara’s a pushover. After the first few chapters, when all four men have returned to her, she allows her temper, doubts and insecurities to take over and pushes them away. Even when they resist, she still stands firm and goes after what she knows she needs. The more I think about it, this strength is present when she regresses into her little space. It’s partly about her saying I feel safe and secure enough to accept and embrace my regression and its place in my relationships with my daddies.

One of the standout moments in the book was Rax’s cameo. It was like a little treat snuck in for those of us who are still drooling at the thought of him. It was also a really good way of explaining what happens to Clara’s ex without being too much for her to handle. If you haven’t already read Aidyn Rose’s debut novel Rax, you really need to get onto that. It’s not imperative that you read it before Their Precious Princess, but it does help with understanding the kind of work the four men may be involved in.

Would I read another ageplay book? Maybe. If it was written by Leslie Ayla then definitely. I’m still not entirely sure I can get my head around it, but I think I’m understanding more than I did before I picked up this book. Either way, Their Precious Princess was a fun read and an afternoon well spent.

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Leslie Ayla lives in South Africa and loves reading and now writing Reverse Harem romance as well as DDlg and Ageplay romance.

When not reading or writing she can often be found to binge-watch her favourite series’ and sucking down an energy drink or iced coffee.

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