A Verse For Caelum by C. A. Rene

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A Verse For Caelum by C. A. Rene

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A Verse For Caelum by C. A. Rene
Series: Sacrificial Lambs #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance
Pages: 223
ASIN: B0976H2LC3
Published: 15/02/2022
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I’ve been hit with a Cupid’s arrow, and I can’t seem to break free of its hold.
No, not a Cupid. More like a Demon’s curse.
He has me trapped, drowning in the deep brown of his irises.
I’m confined and bound by the devilish smirk that lines his sinful mouth.
No matter how hard my mind tries to convince me to leave,
My heart begs to stay exactly where I am,
A prisoner to Hail O’Brien.

I wish I never laid eyes on her, the girl whose face brings me nightmares of another.
She’s a sinful package wrapped in an angel’s bow and I’m the Demon ripping it open.
I tried to turn my back, to let her go but I’m too weak.
I’ll use the excuse of protecting her to stick around but one day soon,
She’ll be nothing but a distant memory, a name on a tombstone, Sky Martin.

Book review from Glowstars.net, 4 stars. Book cover: A Verse For Caelum by C. A. Rene

A Verse For Caelum – My Review

Deluge has to be the most twisted band I’ve ever heard of – and I grew up to the sounds of Black Sabbath and Marilyn Manson. Personally, I think bats and broken beer bottles would be a bit tame for the likes of Raiden and Hail.

The previous two books – Sing Me A Song and Song Of Tenebrae – focused on the relationship between Raiden and Tempest. A Verse For Caelum moves the perspective over to Hail and Sky. The story begins right where Song of Tenebrae left off, as Sky and Tiny are flown to Las Vegas and Hail, Torrent and Squall leave for New York. Except you know things won’t be as simple as everybody doing as they’re told.

Teaser: A Verse For Caelum by C. A. Rene

While we read about Hail staying in Las Vegas to watch over Tiny (and, by default, Sky), the other guys get up to god only knows what. Sky is on a mission to break down Hail’s walls and get him to open up. Hail is disfigured and traumatised, so used to hiding in the shadows that nobody ever gets to see him. It was painful yet beautiful to see each brick of that wall fall at Sky’s hands. Readers are given more of a view of how the four men met and what really happened at Loving Beginnings Orphanage. Quite frankly, that place is beyond scary.

It’s like something unlocked between us with the first kiss, and now the tide is washing over us, stealing our breaths. I let it take me because I would rather die in its watery oblivion than to ever be without this man.

In other parts of the story, we learn how Sky’s aunt managed to fall into Deluge’s path and what connects them all. Readers also get to see more of Incognitus and what they’re doing to cause havoc in Deluge’s world. My theories as to who is actually behind the character changed numerous times over the course of the book but don’t worry all will be revealed in the final chapters.

Be prepared for a shock because there are multiple “no way!” moments in this book. It’s also an amazing set-up for the final story, featuring Torrent, Squall and Tiny. Little hints in the book tell me the next one is going to be the best of the bunch.

She’s everything I want, and I don’t know how to process that, or how to grasp her and hold on tight.

My only complaint is that the backstory can become quite confusing at times. When you read about the workings of a whole, secretive organisation and try to recall information you read months ago, I sometimes felt I was missing bits. I could do with a handbook full of all the technical details because my foggy brain just can’t cope with it all! 😂

Teaser: A Verse For Caelum by C. A. Rene

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