Claiming the Reaper by C.A. Rene and R.E.Bond

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Claiming the Reaper by C.A. Rene and R.E.Bond

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Claiming the Reaper by C. A. Rene, R. E. Bond
Series: Reaped #2
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9781638470588,
Published: 30/11/2021
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The Reaper is out for blood,
How fast can you run?
You’ve taken something that isn’t yours,
When will you learn?
There’s nowhere you can hide,
What choice do you have?
She can smell your fear,
Who can help you now?
You can’t avoid the scythe,
Why do you even try?

Family is who you make it and I’ve discovered blood means nothing,
Not unless I’ve slipped my blade into flesh and drawn my scythe with it.
Just when things were starting to look up and all the pieces of my fucked up life were coming together,
I’m once again thrusted into a war and this time I’m taking no prisoners.
This is it, the final showdown,
My scythe is sharpened and my boys are by my side.
We might just find ourselves dead,
But not before I’ve drawn my scythe on every one of our enemies’ foreheads.

I’ll be honest, I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about the end of the Reaped series. Okay, maybe it’s not the ending that that’s caught me, but the book that brings about the ending.

Claiming the Reaper is full of fun and had me chuckling away at some of the things the characters got up to, but I wonder if it was too manic? Overall I think the banter overshadowed the action and storyline and could’ve been dialled back a bit. The exception to this was the final shoot out in the desert. René and Bond really ramped up the emotional tension for that one and I spent most of the chapter with a lump in my throat and my fingers crossed. That chapter was like a mini cliffhanger in and of itself.

Teaser: Claiming The Reaper by CA Rene and RE Bond

I felt like so much more could have been made of the family storyline, with so many powerfully charged relationships to develop. Generally, the main characters went from obliviousness or hate to acceptance far too quickly, and without pain or difficulty from either party. I also felt that the impact of differing personalities upon certain characters could have been explored with much greater depth.

Teaser: Claiming The Reaper by CA Rene and RE Bond
God bless you and your nuts

That said, there are some brilliant scenes in the book, such as Selene staging a prison break and the epilogue (of which I won’t say anything because, spoilers). Despite (what I consider to be) its failings, Claiming the Reaper is a good read. There’s plenty of bloody and steamy debauchery and more action-packed into the pages than I’ve read in a long time. I just don’t think the final book lived up to the promise of the first two.

Why you should read claiming the reaper
  • Hilarious moments with Santos and Selene’s antics
  • Masses of blood-covered action
  • Catch the reference to the Sacrificial Lambs series (love a little tie-in)

About C. A. Rene

C.A. Rene

I like to write about twisty dark things, you know… since my life is lollipops and rainbows. The computer screen is my canvas and the keyboard my brush, thank you for viewing my masterpieces.

About R. E. Bond

R.E. Bond

R.E. Bond is a dark romance author from Tasmania, Australia. She is obsessed with reverse harem books, especially if they have m/m! She collects paperbacks as a hobby, has read or written every day since she started high school, and constantly needs music in her daily life. She loves camping and rodeos in the summer, and not getting out of bed in the winter. Coffee and books are life, and curse words are just sentence enhancers.

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