Liars by Dana Isaly

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Liars by Dana Isaly

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Liars by Dana Isaly
Series: The Triad #2
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance
Pages: 208
Published: 26/11/2021
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My boys found me, but a rift has formed.

Weeks ago I was steadily gaining their trust, finding my place in their lives and their beds. Now, it seems I’m the wedge driving the three of them apart.

I’ve been beaten, starved, and kept in the dark. All to come back to three men who can’t agree whether I’m an ally or a mole. But we have bigger problems to solve.

There’s a new player in the game.

The latest contender for the Dulca throne just so happens to be my favorite cousin. He was my best friend, my partner in crime. If I can get my boys to trust me long enough to keep them from starting a war, my family’s secret weapon could end up being the key to bringing our organizations together.

But I have no clue what Motshan is hiding up his sleeve, and we might not be able to come back from the carnage it could cause.

Book review from, 4 stars. Book cover: Liars by Dana Isaly

I need to start off with a little rant because Liars is guilty of something I hate. Namely, a huge gaping gap between the release of two books in a series. I hate when I pick up a book and it’s been so long since I read its predecessor that I need a TV-style “previously on…” to remind me what the first one was about. I’d love to be one of those people that has the time to re-read the start of a series before picking up the latest, but I’m not. And with the state of my TBR I never will be either.

He looked too much like sin to be considered a god.

Despite requiring a recap for Scars (book 1), I managed to pick up the story in Liars pretty quickly, probably helped by the fact that it jumps almost straight into the action without any hanging around. The first few chapters mix between immediately after the end of Scars and two weeks later. While I was still getting my bearings this was a little confusing, but if you’ve recently read Scars or have a better memory than me, you’ll be just fine.

Teaser: Liars by Dana Isaly. Quote: "Look what you've done, little one. Come take care of it."

Having rescued Scarlet from the clutches of their enemies, the Triad waste no time in getting to know her again. Yes, of course, I mean physically. Isaly writes hot sex far too well to leave it for the end of the book. I really felt for Scarlet’s battered body when the action started, but in her words, “I need this.” You can’t deny a girl her needs!

One-third of the Triad isn’t so comfortable with Scarlet’s return. Elliot and Scarlet certainly have some trust-building to do before they can get on with the rage-fucking that we’ve all been waiting for. Damn! He was far more brutally angry than I expected once he finally got her away from the protection of Sebastian and Tristan. But we all know hate equals lust and a bloody good story.

He tasted like anger. Every movement his body made was an act of war.

Scarlet knows what she wants and is not afraid to reach out and grab it. She riles Elliot up so they can both get what they need while he works out his demons. Even more beautiful is the way in which she gets off on being tortured by him. Seriously, I’m going to have to find somewhere to buy a police baton now…

I was dick drunk and I couldn’t help myself.

Once Scarlet and Elliot have ironed out their differences, the book slows down in pace. I don’t blame it; the characters have things to do which aren’t exactly action-filled. Like two of the guys finding their girl a Christmas present. The trouble was, before I knew it I’d read to 84% and hadn’t even realised the story was ready to come to a close.

“That was so fucking hot,” she said, coming up for air. “i’ve never had a guy do that before.”
“I made the batch.” I shrugged. “May as well taste test.”
Scarlet and Elliot

Reading the last few chapters of the story, I wanted to hope for a happy for now. I could see it dangly so beautifully in front of me. Instead I was left with an amazing cliffhanger, packed with death and destruction, betrayal and guns blazing. I’m not sure after that one that things will ever quite be the same for the Triad.

Teaser: Liars by Dana Isaly. Quote: "That was a fun start. Now let the real show begin."

Liars is a well-written book although the pace isn’t terribly consistent. It’s fallen into the classic trilogy trap of a lull before book three. My main issue with this is having to wait until April for the next book, Omens, to be released. If I knew I only had to wait a few weeks it would be much easier to keep this book in my mind but in another four months, it will just be a memory of another story I enjoyed.

Why you should read Liars
  • The baton (when you’ve read that part, you’ll thank me)
  • Amazing tension and reconciliation between Scarlet and Elliot
  • A slightly unhinged but incredibly strong FMC

About Dana Isaly

Dana Isaly

Dana Isaly is a writer of dark romance, fantasy romance, and has also been known to dabble in poetry (it was a phase in college, leave her alone).

She was born in the Midwest and has been all over but now resides (begrudgingly) in Alabama. She is a lover of books, coffee, and rainy days. Dana is probably the only person in the writing community that is actually a morning person.

She swears too much, is way too comfortable on her TikTok, and believes that love is love is love.

You can find her on Instagram (@danaisalyauthorpage) or on Facebook with the same name. Honestly though, the best place to get in touch with her is on TikTok (@authordanaisaly) because she isn’t great with any other social media.

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