Greed by Eva Charles

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Greed by Eva Charles

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Greed by Eva Charles
Series: A Sinful Empire Trilogy #1
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published: 27/01/2022
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Nothing is sweeter than forbidden fruit

Some girls grow up in castles with fortresses to protect them from monsters.
Other girls grow up in castles with fortresses to protect the monsters.
I am both these girls.

Antonio Huntsman comes to call soon after my father dies.
Unannounced, unapologetic, and unmistakably in charge.
With a dangerous gaze and bespoke suit, he looks every bit the man who haunts my dreams.

He wants my family's priceless vineyards. I'm sure of it.
They'll be the crowning jewel of his empire.
But I'm wrong.
He wants me.

Greed - My Review

Book review from, 4 stars. Book cover: Greed by Eva Charles

Greed is the story of vineyard princess Daniela and ruthless businessman Antonio, who is danger wrapped up in a handsome package. Their families histories are intertwined, and both are keeping secrets from each other, yet Antonio pursues marriage with Daniela after sealing a blood pact with her now-deceased father. To get more understanding of who these characters are and where they’ve been in life, you should check out Eva Charles’ A Sinful Empire Prologue which, at the time of writing, is free on all platforms.

Teaser: Greed by Eva Charles

Daniela is a conflicted character. She’s determined to save herself and return to her chosen family in the US but at the same time she gives off the vibe that she’d really like a white knight to ride in and save her. She struggles to understand why her father has arranged for her marriage to Antonio and refuses to accept her situation, but her denial comes across as childish and even bratty at times.

Daniela is also incredibly naive. When you consider that she left Porto on a fake passport and has been living and working in the US illegally for six years, she is incredibly quick to throw herself into the hands of traffickers in an attempt to escape Antonio.

You shouldn’t trust me. I’m everything you believe me to be. Probably worse.

Antonio is your classic dark and brooding Alpha. You know, that type that makes you squirm in your seat just thinking of what he could get up to. He’s rigid and inflexible; even when he thinks he’s giving an inch, he’s not moving in the slightest. At one point Daniela asks him if he wants “a loyal partner or a pampered pet” and he answers that “[he thinks she] can be both.” It’s a careful evasion of the question on his part. I don’t honestly believe he could deal with having her as a partner or anything near an equal; he wants to shield her from the world.

The secrets between Daniela and Antonio, and those that their families are keeping are immense. Death has hidden the reasons for many events and actions so that both are left dealing with the consequences of their elders’ choices. The biggest of these is the reason that Daniela’s father asked Antonio to marry and protect his daughter, a motivation that not even Antonio understands. It seems like even the side characters have their secrets. I can see the truth coming out over the course of the trilogy and I doubt it’s going to be plain sailing for the couple.

Teaser: Greed by Eva Charles

This book does end on a cliffhanger, and it’s a pretty damn big one. I will admit that I suspected this for some time, but there was a part of me that didn’t want to believe that it could be true because of the implications of it. Daniela drops the epic truth bomb and it’s like Charles says full stop, end of story. There’s no softening the blow, no epilogue to lessen the impact. That’s it. We’re done. Trust me, the next six weeks until book two releases are gonna be long.

Why you should read Greed
  • One big bundle of sexual tension and need, riding upon a dark cloud
  • So many secrets to be uncovered
  • You won’t be able to put it down

About Eva Charles

Eva Charles

Eva Charles is the best-selling author of sexy romantic suspense, and contemporary romance. She spent a career working as a social worker and an attorney, specializing in domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and civil rights. Aspects of this work often sneak their way into her books.

When she’s not writing steamy stories, trying to squeeze information out of her tight-lipped sons, or playing with the two naughtiest dogs you’ve ever met, Eva’s creating chapters in her own love story.

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