When Snowflakes Fall by Kayla McKinney

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When Snowflakes Fall by Kayla McKinney

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When Snowflakes Fall by Kayla McKinney, Michaella Dieter
Series: Anderson Heights #1
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 190
ISBN: 9798756383218
ASIN: B09H5254GP
Published: 30/11/2021
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Anderson Heights
Welcome to Anderson Heights—a quintessential small town, where the townsfolk are friendly and holidays are celebrated in a big way. It’s the perfect place to fall in love, but not everything is as it seems. Sometimes, the most unassuming of places hides the darkest secrets.

When Snowflakes Fall
Five years ago, a devastating accident changed my life forever. In my despair, I shut myself away from the world, losing myself in my writing. Determined to give my characters the happily ever afters I was denied.

Until I meet Jeremy.

The gorgeous fireman with the smile that lights up a room firmly gets under my skin, daring me to hope that true love can come around more than once in a lifetime.

But not everyone wants to see us succeed, and danger stalks me at every turn. Time is running out—and I'm not sure if even a Christmas miracle can save us.

The Anderson Heights Series is a collection of romances based around popular holidays. They can be read in any order and are all standalones with guaranteed HEAs.

I don’t like stories that centre around holidays, and I don’t like my romances sweet either. So, why the hell did I pick up When Snowflakes Fall? To be honest, I wouldn’t have, but Kayla McKinney is the pen name of the awesome Michaella Dieter, and I felt that if anyone could change my mind, it would be her.

When Snowflakes Fall is the story of two people who have suffered devastating loss and the deepest betrayal. At the right time in their lives they meet and as they get to know each other, begin to heal. Because we’re reading romance, and finding true love is never easy, they face emotional obstacles and physical danger in their pursuit of happiness.

When his lips meet mine, I can feel the shattered pieces of my heart becoming whole once more

Grace is a highly relatable heroine. She has the body worries of your average 30-something woman, is completely mortified when she fangirls over her favourite author (admit it, you would too), and forgets what she’s doing right in the middle of the task.

Jeremy is the perfect book boyfriend. A romantic gentleman in uniform (and he knows how to work it!) with a protective and slightly dominant streak. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on him.

Along with scenes from Grace and Jeremy’s point of view, we also see into the mind of the mysterious Mr Bennett, a man with a job to do. His employer has assigned him one last task to complete before he can retire, and Grace is its focus. In following her to achieve this end, Mr Bennett gives off some serious stalker vibes that Grace picks up on, helping to push the story forwards.

Grace Marie McKenzie, when I say sit on my face, I mean take those luciously thick thighs of yours, and wrap them around my head like earmuffs.

I’m not going to tell you why I think you should read the book, because if you’re here, it’s probably because you like your book boyfriends dark and dirty. What I will say is that the story is well written and moves at a good pace. It was an enjoyable read but, for me, more of a palette cleanser before I go back to the dark side. My 4⭐ rating is probably skewed by having nothing relevant to compare this book to but if sweet and sexy is your jam, then you’re gonna love it.

About Kayla McKinney

Author Logo: Kyla McKinney

Kayla McKinney is the author of sweet and sexy romances with a touch of danger and mystery. She can also be found writing dark and dirty under the name Michaella Dieter.

About Michaella Dieter

Logo for author Michaella Dieter

A former American, Michaella now calls Scotland home. When she isn’t checking out men in kilts or chasing the wild haggis through the glens, you can usually find her skulking about the online bookish community.

Michaella has always been fascinated with the darker, more macabre facets of the human psyche, and doesn’t shy away from controversial, taboo, and dark themes in her writing. She can also be found writing sweet and sexy romances under the pen name Kayla McKinney.

A self-proclaimed book nerd, she’s happiest curled up on the sofa with a good book and a margarita or two, while merrily adding more book boyfriends to her already overflowing harem.

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