Obsessed (Wraith Royals) by Arabella Black

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Obsessed (Wraith Royals) by Arabella Black

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Obsessed by Arabella Black
Series: Wraith Royals #2.5
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance, New Adult Romance
Pages: 275
Published: 16/03/2021
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An Age Gap Dark Romance

The notorious playboy prince. An innocent young girl. A forbidden love story that will end in heartbreak.

Welcome to Katantia.

I’m new here.
Every day, they bully me.
I’m too young for him.
He’ll never notice me, they say.
But I’m his neighbor, and they’re all trash.
Aris Wraith can fuck whoever.
One thing’s for certain.

I’m a manwhore, they say.
My brother’s always been better than me.
But I made Valentina Cross my wife.
I have it all.
And now?
I’m about to lose it.

OBSESSED is an Age Gap Dark Romance, taboo situation included. Non-con/dub-con themes can be found throughout. Katantia is a fictional island and its residents are very extra. OBSESSED can be read as a standalone. HOWEVER, if you have read Wraith Royals Duet, you're more in tune with the universe. There’s a HEA. Proceed with caution.

When it came to the Wraith Royals, Valentina and Aris were the couple I was least interested in. Over the course of the two books, I’d developed an ambivalence towards him and, for the most part, a healthy dislike of her. Valentina only seemed to redeem herself slightly during what we saw of her pregnancy. With that in mind, I went into this book still wanting to dislike both characters.

Obsessed is mainly Valentina’s story, although we do hear from Aris for quite a number of chapters. Unlike the first two books, there’s less jumping around the whole crew’s POV and it sticks with the couple. There is bouncing between past and present but it happens in a way that makes sense and doesn’t leave you confused.

So, what is it you’re reading? Obsessed picks up with events that take place shortly after the birth of Valentina and Aris’ daughter, Penelope Jade. As we left the couple in Wanted, Aris was in a coma following a car accident and Valentina had just given birth. We see how Valentina copes with essentially being a single mother during Aris’ hospital stay and delve more into the emotions that drive the behaviour the crew witnessed in Wanted. This is all set alongside chapters that explain how Aris and Valentina met and the dark events that bind them together.

Valentina’s story is a tragedy and Black exploits this to make the reader endure the emotions her character experiences. Once I began to appreciate Valentina’s story and her suffering, I no longer disliked her but felt for her, mourned for her lost dreams and the hope that had been crushed in her. I admired her strength as she stamped out the cockroach and sought her revenge, appreciating the way in which she grew into a woman who could conquer all.

Obsessed plays on emotion more than it does action, and it really shines for doing so. My only complaint was that it was quite a short read at 275 pages and I felt that quite a few of the events could have been expanded upon to make a good book even better.

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