Bloodshed by Alex Denver

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Bloodshed by Alex Denver

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Bloodshed by Alex Denver
Series: Underground Affliction #2
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance
Pages: 276
Published: 29/12/2021
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One decision is all it took. One small moment in time and everything changed.

All my life Blade and Zeke have tried to protect that small shine of innocence within me, keeping me in their shadows.
Well, now it's gone.
Taken from me.
Ripped away piece by piece until the darkness took over and created a monster they will come to fear.

I never thought I would feel the need for revenge, that's more Blade and Zeke's idea of fun.
But when your choices are taken away and you become the source of entertainment, to be used as they see fit.
Revenge is the only option left.
Now they will pay for what they have done.

The hunt begins.

Please be advised
This is darker and has more triggering content than Bloodlust.

You need to read "Bloodlust Part I first. Please read the trigger content inside the book.

Book review from, 4 stars. Book cover: Bloodshed by Alex Denver

‼️Spoiler Alert‼️

If you’ve not read Bloodlust, I suggest you close this page and go do that now. There is absolutely no way I can review Bloodshed without dropping some serious spoilers for book 1.

You have been warned.

Bloodshed – My Review

Bloodshed is a very different book to its predecessor. The story moves over to Charli, the more reserved member of the Underground gang, along with Zeke and Ash. There are also a few chapters written from Blade’s point of view because it wouldn’t have been right to leave her out entirely. There’s a much more family-oriented feel to this book, with familiar characters hanging around more and new ones joining the gang.

At the end of the last book, things between Charli and Ash were complicated. They didn’t need to be, but for Charli they were complicated. There’s also something happening between her and Zeke. Blade could see it, even if Charli couldn’t.

Teaser: Bloodshed by Alex Denver

Book two starts out where the first left off – with Charli and Blade in Peter’s clutches – and it is not pretty. In those first few chapters, we see a real change in Charli as she fights to stay sane in the face of the abuse she endures. Once she realises that Blade is also a captive, her inner strength and desire to protect her friend begins to emerge. After an explosive rescue (or should that be an escape?) things settle down in Underground as the characters take time to recover from their ordeal.

Sometimes the most damaged things are the most beautiful

The downtime sees both Zeke and Ash pursuing a relationship with Charli while all three attempt to navigate the after-effects of her captivity. Both men take a very different approach but the varied focus is what she needs to help herself begin to heal and realise that she can indeed manage to have two boyfriends along with taking revenge on the Black Diamond people who hurt her.

Amongst some seriously heavy writing and triggers warnings that should not be ignored there are some brilliant moments of laughter including Charli’s amazement at what she calls Ash’s “cyborg cock.” There’s plenty of gratuitous violence and genius torture scenes along with two kickass women who refuse to let anybody beat them down.

Teaser: Bloodshed by Alex Denver

For me, the difference between four and five stars was found in the final three chapters of the book. (Bear with me while I try not to drop any spoilers for the ending.) After the dramatic rescue of Charli and Blade at the beginning of the book, I was expecting more of a bang for the ending. The pace rises a little but the momentum fizzles out too soon. The final chapter and a half of the book offered one of the best scenes, but it felt flat when it ran into the ending. I can see that it would have been difficult to write it any other way, as the scene needed to be told and was essential for the story, but I needed more to get my heart pumping and keep it that way.

Why you should read Bloodshed
  • Full of inspiring healing and growth, dark romance style
  • Two female heroines that really shouldn’t be messed with
  • A fab demonstration of the power and love of the family we choose
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