Injustice and Absolution by Murphy Wallace

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Injustice and Absolution by Murphy Wallace

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Injustice and Absolution by Murphy Wallace
Series: RBMC: Gettysburg, PA #1
Rating: five-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance
Pages: 434
Published: 03/11/2023
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All I've ever dreamed of is revenge. It’s how I survived the darkest parts of my childhood. The parts I’ve confessed to only one man. Then, I find out he’s the one who slayed my real-life bogeyman. Now all I dream of is him.

My best friend’s father. Forbidden. Nefarious.

A fact that fails to stifle my desire for him. But, when I attempt to breach his impenetrable heart, he unknowingly pushes me into the clutches of an evil I was unprepared for.


She’s untouchable, even for me. The girl has dealt with enough in her life without me adding to it. Once her demon-slayer, she’s now demanding more from me. As much as I ache to give in to her delicious touch, I can’t. No matter how loud the inferno inside me roars for her.

My daughter’s best friend. Illicit. Taboo.

It’s not enough to keep my needy stare from her body when she’s near. Then, I make the mistake of shutting her out. Now, I must help her claw her way out of the hell I threw her into.

Injustice and Absolution - My Review

Book review from, 5 stars. Book cover: Injustice and Absolution by Murphy Wallace

Murphy Wallace is back and she’s bringing one hell of a book. Despite its above-average size, I raced my way through Injustice and Absolution, the book dragging so many emotions out of me along the way.

The book is separated into three parts, the first showing how Royce and Delilah originally came to develop feelings for one another. This section of the book is mainly scene-setting, showing how Delilah ended up living with her best friend after Royce killed her father for the abuse he put her through for years. It also shows Royce in pig-headed pre-hero mode, providing the catalyst for Delilah to move into part two.

Teaser: Injustice and Absolution by Murphy Wallace

Part two of the book was horrible and by mid-way through I was wondering if I could actually enjoy the book or if I’d just finish it to say I’d read it. When I took a moment to examine my feelings I realised that my dislike was due to how uncomfortable a read it was. As I read of Delilah’s descent into Drew’s destruction I recognised that Delilah could easily be someone I know, that Drew’s manipulations were so subtle to her that, if you were caught in the middle of things, you too could be taken in. It was too close to home and, like a freight train barrelling towards a school bus, there was nothing I could do to stop the destruction; I had to read on and hope to make it past the pain.

Of course, this is a Murphy Wallace book so I knew I wasn’t only going to read the uncomfortable, but it was going to get worse before our hero came to save the day and I got to read the romance I was there for. If you’ve read the Devil’s Skull MC series you’ll know exactly what I mean. All I could hope was that Wallace was going to build me back up after tearing me down alongside Delilah.

But enough about the story before I go and drop spoilers.

Teaser: Injustice and Absolution by Murphy Wallace

Emotionally, on balance, I needed more from part three of the story. After feeling so thoroughly destroyed by the end of part two, I needed more romance and light (or just steam) to help me recover. Then again, that would be a very different ending and probably not so fitting to Wallace’s style. Delilah’s absolution was very different from Sasha’s in the Devil’s Redemption but suited her and the MC theme well.

On a point that I know some will pick up, this book is not taboo (despite the word being used in the description). If you’re after forbidden lovers and a hefty age gap then Injustice and Absolution will tick those boxes, but it lacks the extremity required to push it into the taboo trope. In all honesty, though, it’s such as small aspect of the story that it didn’t impact my reading. Even at its most difficult, this was an extraordinary story and I am glad Wallace is back to writing again.

About Murphy Wallace

Murphy Wallace

Murphy Wallace is an International Bestselling Author with works in several different genres, but mostly in Dark Romantic Suspense.

Her heroines are caring, strong, and independent and will protect their loved ones with everything they have. Her Heroes? They can’t get enough of their ladies! They embrace their wild love and sassy attitudes and if you even think about crossing them, they won’t hesitate to deliver dangerous retribution.

When Murphy is not writing or getting in touch with her inner child at Disney World, she enjoys reading, coloring, and spending time with family.

She currently resides in a small Eastern Florida town with her husband, who doubles as her best friend, and their two boys.

She has a cat named Maisy who is her constant writing partner.

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