Fiala’s Return by Auberon & Sullyn Shaw

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Fiala’s Return by Auberon & Sullyn Shaw

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Fiala's Return by Auberon Shaw, Sullyn Shaw
Series: The Fall of Fiala Duet #1
Rating: four-half-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance, Fantasy
Pages: 165
Published: 21/03/2022
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Trapped. Caged. Hidden from the people I fought for. I saved them, shielded them from my father's dark, twisted magic.

And what did I get in return? My reward for giving my life for the people of Fiala? I was forgotten. Turned into a fairytale, a bedtime story.

They knew; they all knew, but no one dared check on their beloved princess. Until one day, they came for me. Four men determined to see if the rumors were true; men who were not afraid of what I had become.

So here I am, free and on the search for my mother, hoping she can point us in my father's direction, so I may end him once and for all.

I only hope we get there before the consequences of our actions catch up to us, but revenge was too sweet and forgiveness was long gone.

Nothing is certain, lies follow me and swarm this world. But there's one thing I am certain of: love will be my salvation and my destruction.

The Princess of Fiala has returned, but she never escaped the darkness. Join her and her harem on a dark, villainous adventure. Will she defeat her father and let light filter through the land or will the darkness consume her? Stay tuned for the second book in this duet: Fiala's Demise!

The Fall of Fiala Duet is the villain creation story for a second duet, title TBD. NO HEA NO HEA NO HEA again NO HEA, but we will see the characters again in the following duet.

Fiala's Return - My Review

Book review from, 4.5 stars. Book cover: Fiala's Return by Auberon & Sullyn Shaw

You know how sometimes a book pulls you in from the very first page and holds you hostage, but you can’t quite figure out how it’s done it? That’s what Fiala’s Return did to me. I’m not a big reader of fantasy novels but I was told the ending would damned near break me and that I absolutely had to read it. I’m not one to turn down that kind of recommendation.

The book tells the story of Perla, princess of Fiala, who, following a bitter war with her father, is imprisoned by the same for one thousand years. Having heard a tale that the princess is not lost, but actually trapped within her castle, Drystan, Saxan, Ambroz and Eryx set out on an adventure to uncover the truth. Now, it wouldn’t make for a good adventure if they didn’t find success, and naturally, the princess is so grateful that she finds her way into each of their beds. Kind of.

They had released me and my darkness, and I decided I would return the favor. They would be my beautiful, dark harem, following me willingly into the abyss.

Although the book is told from all five points of view it’s Perla’s story. Their focus is so firmly upon her that the men only ever have supporting roles. Normally I’d be disappointed by this take, but it works surprisingly well, probably because Perla is such a complex character.

Perla, being one of very few full-blooded fae left in the world, is automatically put on a pedestal by them men. It almost seems unthinkable until you realise the power differential between them. While each man is skilled in his own right, Perla encompasses all these aspects and more in a single package, wrapped up in a bow made of a terrifying mix of light and dark magical power.

Her power and carnage that would follow wherever she went was glorious and everything we could want.

She has an interesting outlook on the world, is independent, and fiercely believes in her own strength. Perla also has a rather poetic sense of justice, showing no remorse for apt retribution served. After 1,000 years in captivity and isolation, there is also a youthful side to her as she comes to remember who she is and learn her preferences.

Maybe it was Perla, herself, that most drew me to this book. The premise itself is quite simple, really: follow the local stories and legends to discover where Perla’s mother and father both disappeared to. It’s the smaller events that happen along this journey that push the plot forward and teach us about this magnificent yet terrifying, beautifully glorious woman.

Perhaps waiting all this time was worth it if this is what was awaiting me after solitude.

Did the ending break me? No. I’m made of stronger stuff than that. But there was no way that I could have anticipated the cliffhanger that the Shaws have left us with. It’s genius yet heartbreaking, and it’s going to be a very long wait until Fiala’s Demise releases (currently scheduled for July).

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