The Formation of Us by YD La Mar

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The Formation of Us by YD La Mar

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The Formation of Us by YD La Mar
Series: Labels & Lace #1
Rating: four-half-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 263
Published: 01/09/2021
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Banished from the reservation before the fires even died down, my guilt and shadows followed me.
My hands stained in blood, a friendly soul helped me get back on my feet.
Through the lens of a friend's camera, my eyes catch the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
She wasn’t the kind of woman who let me admire her from afar.
Her confidence pulled me in, her strength helped break me out of my shell.
A slice of heaven I probably didn’t deserve.
When the dark stain on my soul rears its ugly head, will she be strong enough to remain by my side? Or will she leave it all behind like ashes in the wind?

Courtesy Warning: This book may contain triggers for some. Triggers include but not limited to: domestic violence, violence, non con/dub con.

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Let’s start out by saying I only seem to read three types of books: dark, kinky, or starring a raging alpha. If a book can combine all three then I’m in love. Last time I picked up a book that didn’t have at least one of these aspects my delicate sensibilities were so offended I nearly didn’t finish it. I might have well have picked up a clean romance!

I won an ARC copy of The Formation of Us in a giveaway and if it hadn’t been written but such an awesome author I probably never would have picked it up to read. On Facebook, YD LaMar is always such fun and I’ve seen that come through in some of her other work so I figured I’d give this one a go. I’m glad I did.

Although a contemporary romance this book does have dark and kinky elements in it, but not so much that they start to take over the story. They’re like little sub-stories running underneath and enhancing this amazing love story.

LaMar beautifully captures Mat’s despair and despondency before he meets Atsuko and presents her life in pre-Mat in a completely relatable way. There are moments of gut-wrenching sadness, sassy laughter and YD’s personality shining through her writing. Not only has she managed to sensitively include multiple cultures, but she’s also left me not feeling like the usual pervy MILF by giving us a heroine in her mid-thirties.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Vero and Akmal’s story because I reckon it’s gonna be even more fun than this was!

About YD La Mar

YD La Mar

I’m a reader, first and foremost. Just like everyone else.

I love books that are just out there. From fluffy to pitch-black darkness. Monsters and aliens to the men who haunt your dreams painting the walls in red.

My love for reading and writing reviews has led me down the road of becoming a writer myself, thanks to the encouragement of others!

I’m not sure where this journey will lead me, but I hope I can breathe life into words the way so many others have done for me when I needed an escape.

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