Marked For Execution by YD La Mar

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Marked For Execution by YD La Mar

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Marked For Execution by YD La Mar
Series: Games Of The Underworld #2
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 290
Published: 18/09/2022
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Haunted by the fragments of my mind, I found sanctuary in a world without hope or mercy.
Survival was all we could focus on, and it drove us to extremes in the name of saving humanity.
Worse, beneath the panic and fear, something else stirred.
Something I couldn't run from began changing me in ways I couldn't explain or understand.
The lost piece refused to find its way back to me.

After an ambush ripped away the comfort of lies, I realized that the only way through this nightmare is forward.
Nothing I do or say will ever turn back the clock, and I've had to make my peace with that.
I've become an enemy, marked for execution.
Life, or at least what's left of mine, just got a little more interesting.

The shadows of the underworld call your name.

The rise and fall of empires, the vengeance of leaders

Lost in a game of life and death, mercy becomes obsolete

Survivors are left to destruction in search of hope in desolation.

MARKED FOR EXECUTION is one of fifteen books within the Games of the Underworld shared universe. It is a standalone novel which can be read independently, but to get the full story, it is highly recommended to read all of the books within the series.

Marked For Execution - My Review

Book review from, 4 stars. Book cover: Marked For Execution by YD La Mar

I’m not usually one to read post-apocalyptic dystopian fantasy but I’d read a YD La Mar book even if it were clean romance, so I found myself picking up this one with a healthy dose of curiosity . I was not disappointed.

The world has become overrun with vampires, divided into five territories, only one comprising human resistance. Fitri is a hybrid with very little knowledge of her past. Hiding disguised as a boy, she’s living in a human settlement when she’s noticed by Elisio and coerced into training with him and his team for their ventures beyond the compound to scavenge for supplies. Elisio soon discovers part of Fitri’s secret, but she’s not the only one keeping things hidden. Some of those secrets could threaten their very survival.

Teaser: Marked For Execution by YD La Mar

I found the book to be a little confusing at times. I desperately wanted a timeline for all of Fitri’s returning memories and to slot things neatly into place but I wasn’t given that. It was actually a pretty clever move on La Mar’s part as I can only imagine that Fitri would feel the same way.

The story is super steamy. The tension that grows between Fitri and Elisio really got me going until it combusted in the best possible way (and continued throughout). In some ways, it seemed that the same tension was present between Fitri and other team members (especially Reed) but nothing ever came from it. And here was I hoping for some last-minute reverse harem action. 😂

Teaser: Marked For Execution by YD La Mar

The one thing that stopped me from giving the book that final fifth star was that it felt unfinished to me. I wanted to know exactly what happened to the team in the aftermath of them fleeing their home and a summary epilogue wasn’t cutting it. I needed explanations and dilemmas, maybe some more emotional trauma and most definitely something else that tied this story in with the rest of the series. But even without all those things I still enjoyed the book and look forward to picking up some of the other Games of the Underworld novels.

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