Rebel Revenge by Elle Thorpe

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Rebel Revenge by Elle Thorpe

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Rebel Revenge by Elle Thorpe
Series: Saint View Rebels #1
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 357
Published: 01/08/2023
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"You may now kiss your bride."

They were the last words my mother heard before she collapsed on the church steps, poison ending her pitifully short life.

When her new husband dies minutes later, all eyes turn to me.

There are whispers. Accusations. The verdict is split.

I murdered them both.

Or I'm the next to die.

To catch a killer, I move myself into my new stepbrother's house in the fancy town of Providence. With its million-dollar mansions and ocean views, it's a far cry from the seedy Saint View underbelly I grew up in.

But my new life delivers more than I ever could have bargained for and three men I never saw coming.

Fang, the biker gang enforcer everyone is terrified of. Everyone, but me. When he finds the bruises I've been hiding, he swears to stand by my side while I have my revenge on the men who hurt me.

Vaughn, my cocky new stepbrother. The way he looks at me is anything but brotherly. With half his dad's fortune left to me, we might both be searching for the murderer, but he's my prime suspect.

And Kian, my new roommate and Vaughn's enemy. The streetfighter is funny and sweet, but violence darkens his eyes when he hears about my past. Hiding secrets of his own, he joins the hunt.

With every lie we uncover, every secret we expose, the danger mounts.

Until there's only one thing we know for sure.

The killer is still out there.

And we're his next targets.

Rebel Revenge is an adult, #whychoose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book contains romantic suspense and dark themes that may trigger some readers. It is the first book in an ongoing trilogy.

Rebel Revenge - My Review

Book review from, 4 stars. Book cover: Rebel Revenge by Elle Thorpe

The cliffhanger queen is back and you’re going to love this one. Or hate it. Or love to hate it. One of the above, anyway. But first, let’s go back to that other cliffhanger, the extra one we were left with in It Ends With Violence. Rebel’s story picks up a week after the events of that night, with her dealing with the aftermath of the attack. She’s not going to catch a break to start recovering either. Even in the slow moments, Rebel Revenge is packed with happenings.

It’s clear that the one thing Rebel needs is time and support to process everything that she was forced to endure. Still, instead, she suddenly needs to get her head around her mum’s surprise marriage and subsequent death, the arrival of her new stepbrother and his kind-of enemy, the threat of eviction from her apartment, and learning she’s inheriting millions, all while dealing with her newly-changing feelings for Fang. Did you get all of that, because it was a lot to keep up with?

I was in two minds about the swirl of activity surrounding Rebel. It made for a good story but at the same time, it took away from her journey of recovery. If there was less happening there could have been more focus on her thoughts and emotions, but that would have made for a heavier and potentially darker story, and that’s not the reason I pick up an Elle Thorpe book. As it was, the balance worked and kept the story moving toward the inevitable cliffhanger. Part of it was predictable and you could see the characters’ actions setting up the story, but there were also little twists that I didn’t see coming.

I don’t think that Rebel Revenge matches up to the brilliance of the Saint View Psychos series but it’s a solid story that has the potential to reach higher as the series progresses. It’s a safe bet that there will be another epic cliffhanger at the end of the Rebel Obsession (coming 10 September) before the trilogy hits the final run, but if I’m honest, I’m not quite sure where the story will go from there. And that’s half the excitement that I’m waiting for.

About Elle Thorpe

Elle Thorpe

Elle Thorpe lives on the sunny east coast of Australia, about an hour out of Sydney. When she’s not writing stories full of kissing and chemistry, she’s a wife, and Mummy to three tiny humans. She’s also official ball thrower to one slobbery dog named Rollo. Yes, she named a female dog after a male character on Vikings. Don’t judge her. Elle is a complete and utter fangirl at heart, obsessing over The Walking Dead and Outlander to an unhealthy degree. But she wouldn’t change a thing.

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