The Lavender Phantom by Lainey Delaroque

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The Lavender Phantom by Lainey Delaroque

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The Lavender Phantom by Lainey Delaroque
Series: Club Lavender Duet #1
Rating: four-half-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 275
Published: 09/02/2021
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They hurt her little sister. Now this former thief plans to exact revenge…

Sophie Taylor silences the thrilling lure of her lawless past with the exquisite kiss of rough rope play. And though the boredom of her 9-5 job is the worst form of submission, she prevails for the sake of her fourteen-year-old sister. But when her sibling suffers mysterious bruises at the hands of a rogue gang club, she prepares to make someone pay.

Resurrecting her old thieving skills, Sophie struts into the lion’s den intent on doing whatever it takes to bring them to their knees. But even with the help of a delicious stranger, the fiery twenty-four-year-old could end her days permanently underground…

Can Sophie blow the lid on depravity before she’s gagged for good?

The Lavender Phantom is the unyielding first book in the Club Lavender kink thriller duet. If you like gritty heroines, dangerous odds, and fast-paced adventure, you’ll love Lainey Delaroque’s unrelenting novel.

Trigger warning: This book contains descriptions of sexual situations and occasional strong language

The Lavender Phantom – My Review

After reading the Brigand Chief’s prologue I wasn’t enthralled by Delaroque’s writing style – the third person didn’t sit well with me. After reading the second part of the prologue (about the father and the boy) I was starting to question whether I wanted to continue. It certainly was an intriguing story but I couldn’t read a whole book in this style.

I’m glad I persevered past the prologue because the Lavender Phantom was a fabulous read.

Once I got into the chapters (which, thankfully, were written in the first person) I became completely sucked in by the mystery of the story. It was an unusual plot and I never felt as though I’d read parts of it before (a danger when you read a lot in the same genre). Delaroque’s writing was incredibly descriptive, maintaining a delicate balance between emotion, thought, and action.

The Lavender Phantom gets really dark at times but manages to deal with the subject matter sensitively and realistically (or as realistically as fiction like this can). On the other hand, it also depicts moments of peaceful harmony and some amazingly strong relationships while entertaining us with a kick-ass heroine and her brilliant crew.

About Lainey Delaroque

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Lainey Delaroque started writing poems when she was stuck in hospital with pneumonia. She was 11 years-old then and hasn’t stopped writing since. She loves dangerous, fantastical worlds and morally grey characters. She writes diverse romantic thrillers packed with action, danger and sizzling tension. When the suspense is too much for Lainey, she takes a break by writing contemporary romance stories with kinky twists.

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