Envy by Eva Charles

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Envy by Eva Charles

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Envy by Eva Charles
Series: A Sinful Empire Trilogy #3
Rating: four-half-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 3965
Published: 19/05/1983
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My dark prince. My greatest temptation. My husband.

Antonio Huntsman isn’t the prince of childhood fairy tales.
He’s savage and dangerous.
The ruthless king I need.
The beast I crave.

Together we’ll fight the monsters.
The demons threatening to tear us apart.
The villains who will stop at nothing to destroy everything.
Our family.
Our valley.
Our love.

There will be no mercy.
We will take no prisoners.
I pray we make it out alive.

Envy is the heart-stopping conclusion to A Sinful Empire Trilogy, which begins with Greed. It is a dark romance with dark themes.
Forbidden fruit has never been sweeter, especially the final bite…

Envy - My Review

Book review from Glowstars.net, 4.5 stars. Book cover: Envy by Eva Charles

I’ve been feeling pretty shitty of late. In fact, until I picked up this book it had been weeks since I’d read a book and longer still since I’d finished one. Nobody tells you how depression isn’t just feeling sad. Feeling sad is something I could deal with. It’s all the other symptoms that manifest that make it so hard to live through. I wanted to read but every time I looked at my Kindle I just couldn’t. I reached the point where I knew that I would have to force myself to pick up a book and just read, no matter what, or it could be months before I dipped into another world. Eva Charles‘s latest novel had the honour because I knew that it would suck me back into the Sinful Empire world but at the same time wouldn’t break me.

Just like Lust before it, Greed is a direct continuation of its predecessor – the scene just carries on. You’re gonna love this style if you’re binging the entire series in one go. As for writing a review, it makes it really difficult to talk about this book without dropping spoilers for the previous two.

One of the first things that really struck me was how Charles immerses the reader in the harvest setting, crafting a story that’s entwined with atmosphere and customs. The story doesn’t just occur during the harvest season, but annual, seasonal events are the catalyst for individual storylines. If you’re not a reader of afterwords, it’s worth checking out the one in this book to get a greater feel for the rich imagery.

Now that our periods are all synced, we have a problem.

In terms of characters, there’s very little change in individuals between the previous stories and this one. Not unexpected given the timeline across the books. If you’re a fan of Antonio the alphahole you’ll be pleased to hear he’s still at full force throughout the story but his motivations and methods do shift. You’re going to be in for a treat with that one. Daniela only becomes more robust and a greater force to be reckoned with over the course of the story. The growth in her relationship with Antonio is balanced against her development into the parent of a teenager while still at a young age herself. Despite finding herself pulled in different directions, Daniela maintains her convictions and her love for those around her.

Maybe I want to play his sick games. Maybe I’m as insane as he is.

Envy is definitely a rollercoaster read. Numerous times throughout the book I thought that the story must be nearing its end and no other disaster could befall its characters. Every single time I was wrong. Charles manages multiple recoveries before plunging the characters into danger and strife once more, yet it never felt forced or as if the story was being dragged out for the sake of a word count.

All in all, Envy is a brilliant book full of drama, action and steam. It’s going to be at its best when binge read along with the rest of the Sinful Empire Trilogy so if you’ve not already started reading, one-click all three straight away.

About Eva Charles

Eva Charles

Eva Charles is the best-selling author of sexy romantic suspense, and contemporary romance. She spent a career working as a social worker and an attorney, specializing in domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and civil rights. Aspects of this work often sneak their way into her books.

When she’s not writing steamy stories, trying to squeeze information out of her tight-lipped sons, or playing with the two naughtiest dogs you’ve ever met, Eva’s creating chapters in her own love story.

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