Ruthless Monsters by Tatum Rayne

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Ruthless Monsters by Tatum Rayne

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Ruthless Monsters by Tatum Rayne
Series: The Damned Crew #1
Rating: three-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance
Pages: 640
Published: 02/03/2023
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Women are weak, breakable, replaceable little things— that’s how we’re seen in this place. But they have no clue who they’re up against. My past haunts me as much as the darkness coursing in my veins thrills me. For six years, I’ve struggled to live each day as if what grows inside me can ever be tamed. That effort is lost once I meet him.

The Soulless.

In a deal made by my boss, I am handed over to this man who hates me as much as he wants to own me. We test each other. Push each other. Tempt each other. When things take a darker turn, and I learn the truth he’s been hiding, my limits are tested.
We are about to see who the weakest one truly is. I am not called “Reaper“ for nothing.
May the best monster win.

** TRIGGER WARNING** This book is intended for people aged 18+ due to the sensitive nature and adult themes.

This is a MF story between Reika and Kane and they will get their HEA. This is the start of a interconnected stand-alone series

Ruthless Monsters - My Review

Book review from, 3 stars. Book cover: Ruthless Monsters by Tatum Rayne

I wanted to love Ruthless Monsters; it had so much potential and I tried so hard, but there were too many reasons that I couldn’t. Let’s start with the length: this was a lot of book to read. Usually, when a book packs a lot of story into its pages I see it as a good thing, but those books are often a good 200 pages shorter than this one. Events happen one after the other and with no real break between them. It’s an exhausting read. I would have much preferred this to be split into two books with more attention being paid to what’s going on with the characters and the machinations of those around them as it felt as though a lot of detail was skimmed over.

We’re wild and violent, but damn if this shit isn’t amazing.

The premise of the story was a good one; a fearless and unhinged underground fighter discovers the truth about her origins, to the background of a gang war. There’s mystery and intrigue, death and destruction, along with suspect characters and revelations galore. If you like twists in a storyline there are a fair few of them, some you’ll see coming and others you won’t.

How could you think I would love you when my hatred for you is so deep the devil himself swims in it?

Probably my biggest issue with this book was the writing itself. It was littered with spelling and grammatical errors. I understand that writers are only human, I know my own writing isn’t perfect, but the frequency of the errors and the fact that many would have easily been picked up by a spell-check was off-putting. It appeared to me that the book hadn’t undergone any formal editing process, which was a shame as the right editor could have helped to transform the book into something amazing. As it was, this issue was enough that it caused me to knock a star off of my review rating where normally I would let a few small errors slide.

In all honesty, I doubt I’ll pick up book 2 when it releases. While I enjoyed the storyline, the writing style left it lacking enough that I didn’t connect properly with any of the characters. Ruthless Monsters ends on a cliff edge rather than a hanger, with something that may entice other readers to check in for another instalment. Unfortunately, it was not enough to compel me to pick up the next book in the series when there are other, much more appealing offerings out there.

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