Haunted by the Devil by Kinsley Kincaid

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Haunted by the Devil by Kinsley Kincaid

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Haunted by the Devil by Kinsley Kincaid
Series: The Devil's Society #1
Rating: three-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Erotic Fiction, Horror, Gothic Romance
Pages: 328
Published: 19/04/2024
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My life was normal.
Just my mom and I, living in a small town on the East Coast.
The eve of my twenty first birthday, it all changed.
A father I have never known returned and took me away from all I knew.
Trapped and tortured.
Destined for something I knew nothing about.
Little did I know, my entire life, I’d been haunted by the devil himself.
He was always watching and waiting.
As leader of an infamous cult in our area, this is no longer a haunting.
He is here.
And I’m terrified.

*This is a very dark horror forbidden romance. Does end with a HEA

Haunted by the Devil - My Review

If you want to read a book with all the trigger warnings then you know Kinsley Kincaid is your girl. The list for Haunted by the Devil includes extreme torture, gore, and violence; dismemberment; castration; flamethrower; creepy face painting; sex over dying person; explosions; and best of all, veggie peeler. Now I’m not going to ruin anything for you but will say that you do need to read this book just to see what Kincaid came up with. It is stellar.

Teaser: Haunted by the Devil by Kinsley Kincaid

The plot is pretty straightforward. You’ve got a creepy cult, an innocent victim (who just so happens to be the leader’s daughter), and a murderous stepson who doesn’t believe in the group’s bullshit. Bring in some instalove from this jealous and possessive anti-hero and you’ve got a recipe for some serious steam amongst the violence and darkness.

Teaser: Haunted by the Devil by Kinsley Kincaid

I enjoyed the storyline but it felt rushed. There was a lot packed into those 300+ pages and I felt like it missed out on a lot of emotion that could have helped me better connect to the characters. When I compare Haunted by the Devil to the likes of Ghost Dick and Lessons From the Depraved I don’t feel like this book is representative of Kincaid’s best work; it just didn’t live up to the promise I felt it started with.

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Kinsley Kincaid is a Canadian, Taboo Dark Romance Author; who also dabbles in forbidden from time to time. When she isn’t plotting her next twisted book or watching true crime docs with her cats, you can find her working for the man. Reading. Or drinking wine… vodka… beer… while causing chaos with friends, let’s not limit ourselves now. Make sure you follow Kins on her socials and sign up for her newsletter to see what is coming next!

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