Book Cover: Burn For Jack by Aiden Pierce

Burn For Jack by Aiden Pierce

After thoroughly enjoying reading Circus Creeps I was curious to discover some of the other books Aiden Pierce had written. Now that we’re decidedly heading into the autumn, Burn For Jack seemed an appropriate choice. Ada Moore doesn’t fit in Hallow Hill, where her peers refer to her as “Little Moore Whore” thanks to her heritage. She’s saving up and biding her time until she …

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Book Cover: Haunt by K. L. Taylor-Lane

Haunt by K. L. Taylor Lane

“Billy Blackwell is a beautiful liar.” That was all it took to draw me in because Blackwells don’t tell lies; if you’ve read any of The Blackwell Brothers series you’ll know this. But Billy is one of the other Blackwells and even after reading Haunt, I’m not entirely sure what to make of them. Billy and Penelope met years ago as children in an orphanage. …

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Book Cover: Embers by Yolanda Olson

Embers by Yolanda Olson

I thought that having binged my way through Cinere and Sparks, I was ready for Embers. I really was not. After a brief interlude visiting Mom in the last book, this one takes us back to the timeline followed in Inferno and Cinere. Now Darby’s all grown up (if you can call a woman who’s around 20 years old grown up) and has kids of …

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Book Cover: Sparks by Yolanda Olson

Sparks by Yolanda Olson

If you’ve already read this far in Yolanda Olson’s Inferno series, you’ll know that Luke Greene and his family are a little unconventional. If you’ve not taken the plunge yet, Sparks is a quick (okay, that’s an understatement) read that will show you how Luke ended up the way he is. It’s a bit of a shock that Mama Greene was a nun before she …

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Book Cover: Cinere by Yolanda Olson

Cinere by Yolanda Olson

You know how sometimes you read a novella so quickly that it’s a real shock when the ending arrives? Well, Cinere is one of those books. I reached the end of the final chapter and all I could think was “where’s the rest of the story?” Thankfully I’ve got the following two books in the Inferno series lined up and ready to go. Cinere takes …

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Book Cover: Inferno by Yolanda Olson

Inferno by Yolanda Olson

Yes, I’m late to the party with this one, my only excuse being that I wasn’t reading dark (or reading at all) back when it was released. With a new book in the series releasing in the summer, I figured it was about time to get to it. If you asked me to describe Inferno to you, I’m honestly not sure where I’d start. It …

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Book Cover: Sins of the Family by Ella Burns

Sins of the Family by Ella Burns

Normally, if a book has a prequel available, I prefer to read it prior to getting stuck in. Sins of the Family is an exception to this rule. After reading Sins of Our Fathers I had so many questions about Ginger and Sin’s pasts that I hoped would be answered in the prequel. The whole question here is: am I a monster or a victim …

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Book cover: Suicide Season by Yolanda Olson

Suicide Season by Yolanda Olson

From the very beginning of the story, Olsen captivates the reader with the beauty in the darkness, letting Eliseo’s pain seep into your bones while witnessing Jakobe’s aura overpowering him.

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