The Wildheart Duet by Murphy Wallace

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The Wildheart Duet by Murphy Wallace

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The Wildheart Duet by Murphy Wallace
Series: The Wildheart Duet #0
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 692
ASIN: B089DVQ421
Published: 28/05/2020
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Marshall ~ The day that Adrienne Hamilton crashed into my world, everything changed. I had always lived life my way. What I thought I’d never want - a wife, a family - was now the most important thing in the world to me. Then it was gone. Lochlan Finch took everything from me before leaving me for dead. He won’t get away with it. I will find him and once I do, I will destroy him. Just like he destroyed us.

Adrienne ~ Marshall Trent opened my eyes to a new world. A life that I never thought possible, was now ours. It’s amazing how one person, one moment, can change the entire course of your life. Marshall changed my life for the better. But the loss we suffered at the hands of Lochlan Finch would change us irrevocably.

Lochlan ~ No plans are flawless, but there weren’t supposed to be this many misses. Trent should have died and Lana should have woken up ready to be the devoted housewife that I was planning for. No matter. I will find Trent and get rid of him for good this time. As for Lana, she’s always had a very strong will, but everyone breaks eventually. I won’t stop until she shatters.

Lana ~ When I woke up everything was black. I don’t know who I am, aside from my name. I have no one to count on. No friends. No family. There is a man out there named Marshall Trent and he wants to kill me, but no one scares me more than Lochlan Finch. He calls himself my husband, but he’s no lover of mine. He’s my worst nightmare come to life.

The Wildheart Duet - My Review

Book review from, 4 stars. Book cover: The Wildheart Duet by Murphy Wallace

I’ll be honest, this boxset has been sitting on my Kindle for over a year and I’ve never gotten around to reading it. It was one of those ones that I knew I wanted to pick it up, but deadlines and other dramas always got in the way. Now I’ve read it, I don’t know why I waited so long because it’s a gripping story and I couldn’t put it down.

The Wildheart Duet comprises two books: Stolen Love and With Love. I read them back to back and my impressions are intertwined so I’m going to review them as one. If you want to know details of the individual books, skip to the bottom.

Teaser: Stolen Love by Murphy Wallace

Stolen Love starts with chapters from two, seemingly dramatically different women. Lana is on the verge of breaking while Adrienne lives a life full of hope and potential. The story switches between the present day and Lana’s life with her husband, Lock, and 2012 with Adrienne and Marshall. Lana’s situation is horrific and only made more so by the stark contrast with the fairytale that Adrienne is living.

While we read the sweet story of Adrienne and Marshall’s developing relationship, we concurrently experience Lana’s suffering at the hands of Lock’s depravity. The link between the two couples is Lock, once Marshall’s best friend and business partner. As Marshall and Adrienne pass milestones we witness Lock’s descent into corruption and his drive to obtain the one thing he wants but can’t have. The book ends in tragedy for Adrienne and Marshall, while Lana attempts to escape from Lock’s clutches. The final two chapters and epilogue prove the real connection between Adrienne and Lana (if you haven’t already guessed) and a massive cliffhanger. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait around to read the conclusion of the duet because that must’ve been so frustrating.

Teaser: With Love by Murphy Wallace

With Love is most definitely a love story. Lana is now out of the picture and, after a period apart, Adrienne is back at Marshall’s side. But, Lock is ready to wage war in order to have Lana back where she belongs and Adrienne has no memory of her past with Marshall. The story is interspersed with letters which Marshall has written to Adrienne during her absence. We watch as Adrienne falls in love with Marshall once more and while he moves heaven and earth to show her what she means to him, and remind her of the life they once had together. Lock isn’t the only person determined to separate them; the only question is will their love prevail and at what cost?

The books in the duet are some of Murphy Wallace’s earliest works and reading them makes you realise just how much she’s developed as a writer in the years since. While the storyline is brilliant, the writing style is excessively descriptive and isn’t as powerful as in the books she’s written lately. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, more the reader’s equivalent of listening to your favourite band’s first and seventh albums. You still love the first, but you can hear the growth in the other.

The Wildheart Duet by Murphy Wallace

Book Info

Stolen Love by Murphy Wallace
Series: The Wildheart Duet #1
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 319
ISBN: 979-8702939254
Published: 17/05/2018
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She brought me back to life. Gave me a purpose. Made me whole again.

I was done with love.
Content to live with nothing heavy enough to hold me down and no one close enough to set it aflame.


So when Adrienne Hamilton crashed into my world, I wasn’t prepared for the havoc she would wreak on the heart I thought had broken long ago.

But my best friend and business partner fell for her too.

I had no idea how far he’d fallen until he shot me, left me for dead, and forced Adrienne into marriage.

When I find Lochlan Finch, I’ll destroy him.
Just as he’s destroyed us.

The Wildheart Duet by Murphy Wallace

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With Love by Murphy Wallace
Series: The Wildheart Duet #2
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 467
ISBN: 979-8706074500
Published: 28/04/2018
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He rescued me from hell. Saved my soul. Made me whole again.

I was ready to end it all.
Content to die surrounded by the absence of anyone who loved me and with nothing to my name but scars and misery.


So when an opportunity finally presented itself to escape, I took it. I knew there was a chance he would find me, but I’d rather die fighting than die complacent in my gilded cage.

However, my only ally had his own set of intentions.

I’d been liberated from one monster only to find myself in the clutches of another.

But this time, I’m ready.
This time I won’t go down without a fight.

About Murphy Wallace

Murphy Wallace

Murphy Wallace is an International Bestselling Author with works in several different genres, but mostly in Dark Romantic Suspense.

Her heroines are caring, strong, and independent and will protect their loved ones with everything they have. Her Heroes? They can’t get enough of their ladies! They embrace their wild love and sassy attitudes and if you even think about crossing them, they won’t hesitate to deliver dangerous retribution.

When Murphy is not writing or getting in touch with her inner child at Disney World, she enjoys reading, coloring, and spending time with family.

She currently resides in a small Eastern Florida town with her husband, who doubles as her best friend, and their two boys.

She has a cat named Maisy who is her constant writing partner.

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