Retribution by Frankie Page

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Retribution by Frankie Page

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Retribution by Frankie Page
Series: Rose's Inferno Trilogy #1
Rating: four-stars Book ratings explained
Genres: Dark Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 192
Published: 31/10/2021
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What would you do for your one true love? Would you do whatever you could to save them? Would you sell your soul if necessary? I did, and it was the biggest f*cking mistake of my life…

When faced with losing the love of her life, Rosalind King will do whatever is necessary to save him. Even to go as far as to sell her soul. Adjusting to her new life in servitude of Hell, she must balance her human one as a medical examiner in Chicago. With a serial killer on the loose, Rose will stop at nothing to seek retribution for his victims. What she never expected to happen during this whole crazy ordeal was to fall for the demon who purchased her soul, or to be swept off her feet by a blast from the past.

Retribution is book 1 of a dark paranormal romance trilogy. The story of Rose is told over all 3 books, a HEA will not happen until the final book.

⚠ Warning: This book is meant for mature readers, 18+. Retribution is a dark romance and contains scenes and situations that may be upsetting for some readers. The series includes several triggers and sensitive material such as: killing, death, profanity, violence, and sexual assault.

Retribution – My Review

You’ve only got to watch an episode or two of Supernatural to know that deals with demons never work out as you expect. Unfortunately for Rose, she didn’t get that memo. After a mugging went wrong she prays for her boyfriend’s life to be saved, only God doesn’t answer.

Teaser: Retribution by Frankie Page

Fast forward two years and Rose has finished her fellowship to become a medical examiner, the boyfriend is no longer in the picture and she’s got a side hustle working for Ace, Demon of Wrath, wreaking vengeance on behalf of victims. There are two sides to Rose: the self-isolated medical examiner who’s cut herself off from the world in preparation for her inevitable ascension to demon; and the magnificently beautiful demon of vengeance. It’s interesting to watch the two separate entities begin to blur as the story goes on, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Rose’s demon side in the next instalment.

As a human, I am weak. But as her, I am invincible.

Page has done a brilliant job of taking existing mythology and bending it to the will of the story, while not losing the common hell mythology we’re all familiar with. I really enjoyed additions such as Ace’s job being in HR and the notion that hell is rather like a recruitment office.

Teaser: Retribution by Frankie Page

Ace is a curious character. He seems far too human for my own comfort, probably more so because neither we readers nor Rose ever see him in his demon form. I enjoyed reading about Rose’s internal battle over whether, as a demon, Ace was capable of emotions such as love, and, seeing Ace deal with feelings he was unable to understand. His possessiveness over Rose was especially hot, particularly when he becomes territorial over her speaking with Grayson.

Teaser: Retribution by Frankie Page

You know I love a good bit of mystery in the books I read, and Retribution did not disappoint. Not only do we have the mystery of who is killing the women who end up on Rose’s slab, but we also get to figure out who Grayson is, why he’s interested in Rose and what’s going on between him and Ace. Add in the question of why Rose is so special as a demon and there’s plenty to keep you guessing.

Teaser: Retribution by Frankie Page
Why you should read Retribution
  • An easy to read mystery
  • Multi-faceted characters
  • Brilliant world building

About Frankie Page

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Minnesota based new romance writer, Frankie Page. Has been writing and dreaming up stories for as long as she can remember. For the longest time her primary outlet for her stories was screenplay writing and theater. Now, she enjoys writing and reading a vast variety of romance genre. Anything from small town steamy romances, to the dark and depraved — she loves it all. When she isn’t plugging away at her computer, Frankie enjoys lounging around her house watching horror movies with her alpha-hole husband, mini-me, and three cats (yes three).

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