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Book Cover: Pretty Little Killer by AJ Merlin

Pretty Little Killer by AJ Merlin

Just like its predecessor, Pretty Little Killer is a whole vibe and one I’ve been eagerly awaiting. All those things I loved about Pretty Little Tease, they’re back for book 2 but this one’s hotter still. Following the winter break, Blair returns to St Augustine but the situation has shifted slightly. Juniper and Oliver trying to play nice, Rook works on convincing her to take […]

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Book Cover: Filth by Michaella Dieter

Filth by Michaella Dieter

Imagine the situation: you’re feeling a little frisky and head to one of those well-known story submission sites to find something to read while you scratch that particular itch. Now imagine that the stories you read flow well, don’t take hours to get to the point, and are free of spelling, grammatical and continuity errors. Well, that’s what Filth is. The book is divided into

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Book Cover: Embers by Yolanda Olson

Embers by Yolanda Olson

I thought that having binged my way through Cinere and Sparks, I was ready for Embers. I really was not. After a brief interlude visiting Mom in the last book, this one takes us back to the timeline followed in Inferno and Cinere. Now Darby’s all grown up (if you can call a woman who’s around 20 years old grown up) and has kids of

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Book Cover: Cinere by Yolanda Olson

Cinere by Yolanda Olson

You know how sometimes you read a novella so quickly that it’s a real shock when the ending arrives? Well, Cinere is one of those books. I reached the end of the final chapter and all I could think was “where’s the rest of the story?” Thankfully I’ve got the following two books in the Inferno series lined up and ready to go. Cinere takes

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Book Cover: Inferno by Yolanda Olson

Inferno by Yolanda Olson

Yes, I’m late to the party with this one, my only excuse being that I wasn’t reading dark (or reading at all) back when it was released. With a new book in the series releasing in the summer, I figured it was about time to get to it. If you asked me to describe Inferno to you, I’m honestly not sure where I’d start. It

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