Life Update – June 2023

Did you notice that I haven’t reviewed a book in seven months? Probably not, but it’s time for that life update anyway. Where have I been and what have I been doing since you last saw trace of me?

It’s not been sunshine and roses. My mental health took a massive nosedive last summer and as things became progressively worse, I couldn’t focus on reading, let alone taking in enough of a story to write a review. I wasn’t engaging with storylines or with characters, and even books by authors I normally would’ve revelled in fell flat. I put my Kindle down and the longer I left it, the more difficult it was to pick it back up again. As my symptoms got worse I took solace in the repetitive meditation of crochet and numbing my mind with binge-watching more TV than could ever be considered healthy. I’m not saying my coping mechanisms are positive but they have been getting me through.

  • Jasmine Tea Shawl
  • Dream Catcher
  • Paua Shell Mandala
  • Connie's Ray of Hope Mandala
  • Henry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dory Couch Blanket
  • Mable Doily
  • April Sweater

At least I have something to show for my time. I’ve finished pieces that have been waiting in bags for years, used up yarn that’s even older still, and made gifts for people I love. I’ve rekindled my joy of pretty pieces and discovered a love/hate relationship with mounting work on hoops. Is it going to stop me from doing more of it in the future? Of course not. I need to get another five hoops and keep crocheting. (If you’re a hooker and want more details of patterns and yarns used, check out my Ravelry page.)

In the spring I mourned the loss of around 3/4 of my collection of outdoor succulents after the harsh winter. I can’t decide if restraint or fear plays a bigger factor in my not having replaced any yet. I had an inspired moment where I finally figured out what I wanted to do for my next tattoo and, while I was sitting in the chair (before I started falling asleep) figured out another two. Currently having a moment of “Is there a walk-in space in the next two weeks” so I can get working on them.

Wild woman done by Raff at Buena Vida Tattoo

My shift came with a holiday to Gran Canaria. I needed something to do on the plane, and by the pool, and on the beach. So I loaded up my Kindle with books that I knew I’d missed out by not reading and figured I’d see how things went. I’d finished the first book before the plane landed and ever since I’ve been rolling with it.

I’m still not right. I need to change my meds (again) but was holding off until I got back home. I need to find a better balance than I’ve had in the past nine months and work on my physical as well as mental health. In short, I need to remember to take care of myself. The question is, will I ever learn?

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