Leelah Renn

Leelah Renn has been around … literally. Well travelled and curious, she draws from her adventures (thus far) to write sensual, escapist, Why Choose/Reverse Harem Romantic Suspense. With a tinge of humor and heavy-handed with harrowing predicaments, Ms. Renn makes her Leading Lady and her men earn their happily ever after.

Leelah loves hearing from her readers, especially if they’re willing to share their travel adventures.

Book Cover: Giselle by Leelah Renn

Giselle by Leelah Renn

I’m still eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the Vox Tenor story but in the meantime, Leelah Renn is treating us to more of the delectable trio, this time in the form of their backstory. In the first two books, the guys make mention of a woman, Giselle, who was involved with all three of them and wrecked them when she left them. This book tells …

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Book Cover: Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

At the start of the year Loving Aria was the book I was most desperate to get on my Kindle in 2022. Leelah Renn set the bar insanely high with her debut novel, Becoming Aria, but could book 2 in the Vox Tenor series live up to its predecessor? The answer is yes. Absolutely. In every way. Side note: It’s gonna be tough to write …

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Tour Announcement: Loving Aria by Leelah Renn

Tour Announcement: Loving Aria By Leelah Renn

The second book in the Vox Tenor series, “Loving Aria” is set to release on July 26. We were left on one helluva cliff-hanger at the end of “Becoming Aria” with Aria and her men escaping the Moroccan compound.  Are you ready to continue this epic tale of unconventional love and danger?  Haven’t read “Becoming Aria” yet? Find it here in Kindle Unlimited: https://amzn.to/3ysD3Ml “Loving …

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